The Black Social Media Experience

No one on this planet can transform traumatic experiences into comedy like black people. Though the aforementioned is an amazing and entertaining coping mechanism, it is not exactly healthy, so to speak. If we’re being realistic, the entire culture of social media is driven by the black experience and reaction. We are a network so […]

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Monday AM Game.

Before you go out in this world or if you’re already out there, I want to say something to you. Like my man SHAD says, “The past is history and the future is a mystery.” I understand that to mean that everything in this moment is as it should be because everything in this moment […]

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Are All Women are Whores?

If you opened this article expecting to read a thousand words of prose from a lame ass, bitter, heartbroken nigga who is oblivious to the art of navigating the realm of women— You’ve come to the wrong place. 🙂 The other day I had a cigar and a snifter of marvelous French cognac with one […]

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Hey winners, did you miss me? The last year has been a journey of immense financial and emotional growth. I’ve had my spirit ripped to shreds, lost people that I’ve loved, was homeless, jobless and only saved through the guidance of the almighty and the talent that he bestowed upon me. In that tumultuous tenure, […]

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INT. ST.REGIS HOTEL – APRIL 2017 – NIGHT Plush layout, floor to ceiling windows, the bed feels like a dream. Imagine the flyest hotel you could ever think of and pour gold on top of it. It’s the night of my 27th birthday, and after an unforgettable appearance at a 90’s R&B party where I […]

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The only time that I see unified, unbiased love and praise for straight, black men on social media is when we’re immensely attractive or a hashtag. Any other time “Black men are trash!” I understand that perception is reality and that if a woman has dealt with trash men on a consistent basis she’ll make […]