Dear Cam Newton,

America tries to emasculate the greats. Murdered Malcolm, gave Cassius the shakes. “Rumble young man, rumble!” They try to dim your lights until you’re more humble. -Jay-Z Dear Cam Newton, I know that you don’t get the credit you deserve and it’s a damn shame. I know that you defied the odds and had one […]

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Twitter Honey of the Week.

Growing up a rambunctious child chocked full of testosterone and wit, I found myself extremely attracted to women very early on. I would sneak a peek of every Victoria Secret catalogue and Ebony magazine I could get my hands on, but in 1998 my entire life changed. While in the barbershop with my father I […]

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Phantom Pain. 

Dear sober Malcolm you are drunk and suddenly submerged neck deep in emotion…polish this up and post it on Wednesday.  -drunk me or you? Idk. Drunk us.  Night after night I fill my life with burning alcohol and women who don’t have the slightest chance of being my wife.  Shrouded in darkness and only the […]

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Love and Basketball. 

When a fight breaks out in public, most people panic because they’re not used to the circumstances. It’s fast, violent, chaotic, right? Let’s say a seasoned boxer is present. Where the people are frantic, the boxer is comfortable. He or she welcomes and enjoys the drama, because they’re familiar and prepared.  Whenever you get into […]

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The Emptiness of Hoeing. 

Long, dark nights filled with alcohol, Future songs blasting at headache inducing levels and having meaningless sex get old real fast.  Going out with you friends every night and catching action in every bar, club or kickback is really cool and fun for a while. A while. Then what? Let’s backtrack first.  At this post-college […]

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