The Emptiness of Hoeing. 

Long, dark nights filled with alcohol, Future songs blasting at headache inducing levels and having meaningless sex get old real fast.  Going out with you friends every night and catching action in every bar, club or kickback is really cool and fun for a while. A while. Then what? Let’s backtrack first.  At this post-college […]

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The South Carolina Story. 

Good morning ladies and gentlemen. I need no introduction, but guess what?  It’s story time.  In my single man conquests, I acquired the information from this beautiful young lady via social media. She was absolutely gorgeous and my type. Almond eyes, beautiful smile, full pouty lips.  5’9″, 165 pounds, skin like Nutella. She was all […]

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The Frugal Flex 

I live in a city where it’s more than plausible to see T.I. at the grocery store. It isn’t uncommon to see young Jeezy at a gas station or Future’s weed smoke coming through the roof of a Bentley coupe weaving through traffic.  Matter of factly, the editor in chief of this website used to […]

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What You Got? 

You want everything for nothing.  Seriously. Your demands, requirements and requests rival the “rider” of an A-List celebrity on tour but you come to the table with an empty wallet, plated gold chain and open hands. Shit doesn’t work that way.  Let’s be honest, you’re a man, so naturally that makes you an entitled narcissist. […]

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1st Annual Hustler’s Ball. 

“A Celebration for Hustlers and Hardworkers.”  The term hustler is often erroneously associated with being only a drug dealer or criminal.  In reality, any verbiage that describes making money always includes some sort of movement. Cmon now, You always hear the brothers say “I’m hustling. I’m on the grind. I’m on the hunt. I’m bringing […]

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The Blu Cantina Story 

You know me! I don’t need an introduction. It’s story time, ladies and gentlemen.  So I was up late one night, phone in hand, creeping. Sifting through SoulSwipe can be fairly entertaining and exciting when done properly. The candidates for that night weren’t looking too good until she came across my screen.  Kimberly/24/Atlanta.  “Southern butterfly! […]

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3 Jars. 

The first jar came with you. It was  organic, high quality and expensive. full to the brim and used for everything. Cooking, daily moisture, even the lubricant to our passion. Despite being a glass jar, It survived bumps, bruises and even being left open for a few days. One day we were careless and we […]

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