Usually if you have to ask, you are, but I don’t think I am. The definition of Feminism is: “The advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social and economic equality to men.” Understood and comprehended. Most 24 year old males are selfish, sex craved human beings. My question to you all is, am I wrong for expecting a 24 year old woman to be better than me? Am I sexist for putting women on a pedestal and expecting them to be more tactful, less crass and more mature than I am? Is that misogyny? Is that oppression? I view women as the first teachers, the bearers of life, mothers of humanity, queens of the world. I hold women to such a high standard that I’m accused of being a sexist. I’m learning that when acknowledging feminism the major thing to pay attention to is judgement. Women should be able to do XYZ without being judged for it, so on and so forth. I totally agree with that, but wrong is wrong. Me knocking down a different woman nightly is just as wrong as shorty going home with a different cat every night. Maybe women get upset with the hypocrisy of men being able to do wrong and then judging women for doing the same things. I often wonder why we’re created so differently and what our true purpose is. What I do know is women are easily God’s greatest creation. Like.. Women, Chicken, Water, Air, Fruit, Men, Alcohol. Everything that we do as men, even if it’s just a small percentage, is for women. Haircuts, rims, Ralph Lauren and nice cars and shit. Of course those things make us feel good, but they are also for the appeasing of women. Moral of all this is, we need to get back to upholding and honoring the mothers of this world. Maybe we shouldn’t be so hard on them and expect so much out of them, they’re young and stupid like we are too.

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