Communicate with your fucking partner. On a daily basis I see tweets, memes and Instagram posts about mediocre sex and quite frankly, I’m tired of it. The only people who consistently whine about bad sex are those who aren’t getting any sex or those who can’t communicate. It’s your job as a partner to express what you do and don’t like. It’s also your job as a partner to be receptive to what is being said. Sex is one of the only human actions where being completely savage, primal and primitive is acceptable. It’s a physical expression of every emotion that populates the brain. Think about it! I missed you sex, break up sex, angry sex, spiteful sex. All full blown examples of energy in motion. God the creator gave us the power to create and we should be honored and grateful. Sex is the physical manifestation of all these feelings that flow inside of us. It should be filthy. It should be nasty, unspeakable, aggressive, passionate. Gentlemen, You should be at work thinking about the round you had with your woman on the living room floor. Women, you should be reminiscing about when your man choked you up In the hallway and ripped your panties. Those are great things! I love sex. I love it by the pound, like the late great Bernie Mac said. Communicate with your partner, don’t be afraid to try new things and fuck often. I want everybody to have good sex for the sake of a better world. Nothing like good stroke to start off the day.

Until next time.


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