It’s Better To Be A Dick


Middle English (Stupid)
Old French , from Latin “nescius” meaning “Ignorant,” or nescire “not know.” Other early languages translate “nice” as coy or reserved.

I have so much to stay that I don’t even know where to start, so in the fine words of the great Kanye West, “Expect this to be a visionary stream of consciousness.”

Women do not owe you anything (PUSSY) for being nice. I see posts about finishing last, being in the friend-zone, feeling unappreciated, etc. Stop fucking whining. You’re there because you put yourself there. You’re in that place because you’re docile, you put up with the bullshit and allow yourself to get stepped all over.

Deflate your ego. You’re supposed to be a good person and treat people well. You don’t get a cookie for that. Women don’t want nice guys, they want good guys. A good, loving, caring DICK. I’m not saying don’t be sweet and do nice things, but moderation is monumental in a relationship.

Being too nice is being too emotionally available. It takes away from your mystery, makes you too easy to read, transparent. Being an asshole presents women with a challenge. If you continue to be sweet as pie everyday, every night, all the time, you will be appreciated but not respected. Don’t whine and beg.

If you’re consistently nice a woman can control you because she knows how to appease you. She knows that she’s the center of your world and she will take advantage of you unintentionally because she has you figured out to a Tee.

Sometimes you have to ignore a phone call or deny her sex or be late to pick her up. She has to know that you will say, “No.” Being an asshole is metaphorically giving a woman a balanced meal where as being a “nice guy” is the equivalent of feeding her brownies three times a day. It gets old. Where’s the spontaneity? The spark, the complexity? I don’t usually quote Plies but “Ain’t called her in two days, gotta let her mind wander,” is relevant in this post.

Women will test you just to see what you’re made of. To see if you have the balls to challenge their bullshit, call them out or demand respect. If you’re too busy thinking about trying to make her happy or how you love her more than you love yourself, you’ll be too blinded emotionally to pick up on the tests. Art imitates life! The things that you see aren’t coincidence.

Consider this: Hank Hill, Cliff Huxtable, Al Bundy, Phillip Banks (RIP), Peter Griffin and Doug Heffernan all have two things in common.. Beautiful wives and asshole tendencies. Studies have shown that when shown photos, women found smiling men less attractive than men who looked proud or stern. You have to posses some sort of edge. A mystery or danger or mysticism.

The Spartans weren’t nice men, the marines aren’t nice men, and the girl who knows you want her the most will treat you the worst. She has to know that you care for her, but that you don’t need her. She needs to know that she is not the source of your happiness, but an accessory to your happiness, an enhancer of your happiness. Often, women are raised with the idea that a “nice guy” has ulterior motives or is playing a character in order to achieve a goal.

Statistically it’s a safer bet to date an asshole because he’s going to be the same, if not better after sex, opposed to the self proclaimed “nice guy” who may be an asshole in disguise all along. I’m not saying every man who wants a successful relationship should be an asshole. I’m not saying every asshole is a good guy, but what I am saying is have some balls. Chutzpah, backbone, bravado.

Love yourself enough that you won’t tolerate bullshit and watch yourself prosper.

Always remember, Assholes finish first, luck favors the prepared and fortune favors the bold. 


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