My love/hate relationship with Rihanna


I’m formerly impoverished black youth from Cleveland, Ohio. Even with all the upstanding female figures in my life, having an amazing mother and being raised on Maya Angelou and Phylicia Rashad, I fucking LOVE a bird. Blunt, ratchet women are fun. They remind me of the bad boys that women love to write about. Rihanna is of questionable talent, but her sex appeal, charisma and attitude are undeniable. I can look into this woman’s eyes and see that she is sneaky, catty, petty and filthy to the fucking core. Every time I see that style and “I don’t give a fuck” attitude, I want nothing more that to tie her up and put that ass in line. That’s exactly what I like most. I like that she’s exuberant and sexy and rude, yet still down to earth. Out of all the popular icons I truly believe that she couldn’t care less about ANYTHING, let alone what people think about her. Shorty got put off of IG for showing too much body and STILL dropping titties on twitter daily. As a musician, I think her catalogue is subpar, mediocre at best. And, in this era where true R&B is on it’s last leg, I expected her to be a front runner in the resurgence of the soul sound. She doesn’t write much of her own work, her music is very poppy, she lacks artistic integrity.. She could be better. Vocally, she isn’t strong to prosper as she should, but aesthetically she could get the dick and a half. Rih is one of those artists that you can’t expect much out of. One who you have to appreciate for who they are and that’s it. She’s an OKAY singer, but a dark, stylish, rude and sexy woman. I know that I’m going to get amazing photo spreads, twitter nudes and mediocre songs from her. In a perfect world, she’s the same woman she is currently, but can sing like a star. In MY perfect world, she feeds me chicken wings butt-ass naked while lip syncing Patti Labelle. To each it’s own.

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