Scammers are better than you


There is no nobility in poverty. I’ve been a rich man and I’ve been a poor man and I choose rich every single time, because when I show up to handle my problems, I show up in the back of a limo, wearing a $2,000 suit and a $40,000 fucking watch.

– Leonardo DiCaprio as Jordan Belfort in “The Wolf of Wall Street.”

Let’s talk money.

The reason so many young, black people choose to scam or commit crime is for instant gratification.

In this day and age information is moving so fast that feeling left behind happens faster than ever. When that hunger to succeed arises, some people will do anything for the glory. Smart salespeople take advantage of this. They create multi level marketing schemes because they know you want money and you want it fast.

Everyone wants to shine, but no one wants to put in the work and the financially intelligent continue to capitalize . See, what the powers that be want you to think is that money only comes from going to school, learning a skill or field and getting a good job.


Money comes from financial intelligence and creativity. Our entire academic careers we’ve been taught to regurgitate information in the way it was presented to us opposed to augmenting and questioning said material.

Critical thinking and financial savvy are subjects taught in the home, not in schools. Schools have successfully created good employees, not good employers. It’s not about how you obtain money, it’s truly about how you spend it. Financial guru Robert Kiyosaki says that “Every dollar should be an employee.” He also says that “If you aren’t saving to invest, you’re a loser.”

You have to learn to make your money work for you so you don’t waste your most valuable asset as a human being (TIME) consistently working for money that you’re burning through, or sitting on.

Find a way to monetize your ideas, invest in real estate, the stock market, give money to a drug dealer, SOMETHING. There is no progress in comfort, so you have to take calculated risk.

In my personal opinion if you’re working just to save for a rainy day or to buy a liability then a scammer is better than you in relation to creativity. Morally, the criminal is at fault, but at least that scammer is attempting to find a way to win! The crooks is using the brain to make money, a practice that you should apply to your life!

Contrary to popular belief, crime is not easy and it does pay. I personally know some criminals and they work harder than half of people with regular jobs. Not only do they have to have everything in order and have backup plans for backup plans, they also have to be ahead of law enforcement, the people they’re scamming and niggas trying to get them. I’ve seen someone go through 1,000+ SSN, credit card and account numbers, previous addresses and documentation all to bust a lick.

It’s not right at all, but the point I’m trying to make is money comes from creativity. If the crooks used half of that effort and creativity in the pursuit of financial intelligence and investing, they wouldn’t have to scam.

Jobs shouldn’t be frowned upon, but people who don’t attempt to make money on their own should. Every person should have a job and a hobby, passion or business that eventually outgrows the job. Your job is the liquidity for you to invest into your dreams.

Don’t be afraid to take financial risk because YOU’RE GOING TO SPEND THE MONEY ANYWAY.

How many times have you put something off because you didn’t “have the money” just to spend aforementioned money on something that you desired? Exactly.

Please educate yourself financially and learn to invest. A smart man learns from his own mistakes, a wise man learns from others. A woman I was in love with left me because I wasn’t financially intelligent and she didn’t feel safe for the future. It took that for me to wake the fuck up now. (Pun intended.)

I don’t want any person to feel that so please learn the value of a dollar. Learn that money is a tool not a toy. Read some Suze Orman and Robert Kiyosaki books. Understand that money is a tool not a toy and apply that shit to your life. Yes, I said that twice.

There is a huge difference between entrepreneurship and scamming. Day to day, 9-5 Jobs should never be discredited because no civilization has ever survived without workers. Focus on financial education, creativity, generational wealth and everything else will fall into place.


See y’all next Monday.

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