Tighten The Fuck Up

I’ve made these points before, and i’ll make them again for the sake of this post.

One, love is blinding. You never know how good or bad something was until its gone, and an extreme rush of emotion will always cloud judgement.

Two, social media is an intricate look into the mind, heart and soul of the user. Either one is showing who they are, who they want to be and/or venting to an outlet. I brought these two points up in an attempt to make a certain group of people recognize how stupid they make themselves look. When dealing with another person romantically you have to know where you stand. It has to be very clear and evident or you end up making yourself look like a jackass. If he always blows you off to hang with his boys, breaks promises and doesn’t clarify what you two “are” its pretty clear that you aren’t that important to him.

If she doesn’t attempt to communicate with you, ignores your phone calls, or tweets about wanting attention and doesn’t accept yours, you’re unimportant to her. She’s not that into you, fam. See, what people seem to miss is that they expose themselves. While venting about the opposite sex people always show how broken, bitter or irrelevant they are. All the time I see tweets from people so frustrated with being treated like leftovers when they believe that they’re a fresh meal. Truth of the matter is, you are the leftovers and you put yourself there.

By not knowing who you are and or what you deserve you grant power to another person by fully exposing your vulnerabilities to them. Human beings are energy vampires and emotional leeches. We naturally take and take and take until we feel better or find a better energy and move on. Either way, once a person feels better they throw you, the energy host, to the wayside because you didnt know your own worth. You have to be real with yourself and recognize when your energy is being wasted or consumed.

A person, male or female is going to give a half ass effort until you demand more out of them. If they know that they can pacify you with some sex or a phone call or a turkey sandwich, then they’ll have your heart on a string because they know that you’ll stay around just to FEEL something. Know your worth, maintain emotional fortitude. Ball so hard, end of story.

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