A letter to an 18 Year old.

Two days ago, at the age of 24, you saved the life of an 18 year old virgin. We’ll talk about that shortly. First and foremost, you’re an asshole, princess. You think that because you’re a decent football player who gets attention from simple minded girls that you’re the man. You think that the sun sets and rises out of your ass, when in reality it’s the complete opposite. I know you’re wondering who’s writing this letter to you, aren’t you? It sounds like your father, but it isn’t. I’m even closer to you than he, your mother Shannon and your siblings are. We’ll talk about that later though. It’s August 2014 here where I am, so it makes it August 2008 for you. If my calculations are correct, you’re moving into your dorm and getting registered for a university that you aren’t ready for. When I say you aren’t ready, I’m not insulting your intelligence you fucking douche, but your level of responsibility and self control. I could tell you to keep your GPA up so you don’t blow your scholarship. I could tell you not to do that real estate deal with your dad and waste half your refund money, money that he truly spent to support his family. I could tell you that Keyoni is going to break your heart and then attempt to use you as a friend she can always talk to. I could tell you to go and try out for football, knowing that you won’t because your heart isn’t in it. I could tell you to stay away from that thick Texas girl, or to stay close to the Miami crew or to cherish your every moment in building 600 with Pee Wee and the boys. I could tell you a whole lot, but I’d alter your destiny, and that’s not my place. You’re entirely too stubborn to listen to anyone when you’re really lost and need help. You know it, but your pride won’t let you. Even though it isn’t your fault, you are your father’s child and a lot of his demons transferred over to you. You’re going to chase entirely too much tail. You’re going to do things that you never thought you would do. You’re going to succumb to peer pressure. You’re going to have unprotected sex, smoke weed and get into fights. These are things that I can’t save you from because these experiences turn you into the man that you are today. You aren’t perfect, but you’re trying and being the best Malcolm you can be. As much as I want to go back into time and focus on your past, I can’t because you have to make the decisions yourself. Everything that you go through gives you more understanding and makes you a better man. You meet the best friends of your life, the woman of your dreams and realize exactly what you want in life during this time. You blow you scholarship and break your mother’s heart, but it makes the bond between you two so much stronger. Knowing you as well as I do, sitting here and telling you this wouldn’t change anything. You would want to experience it for yourself and I completely understand that. With that being said, enjoy it kid. Live it up, bask in every moment and don’t change a thing. I love you, I want the best for you and I thank you for all the dumb shit you did early so you didn’t do it late.

Stay away from Daynet from Dallas, her ass is trouble.

– You, 2014.

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