Story: Baby I’m Confused Part 3.

I’ll never forget the day shit hit the fan. After the date and argument I mentioned in PART 2 she called me and explained that she used her stripping money to finish school and get her esthetician certification. She was making a lot of money doing that and teaching pole classes. She apologized for withholding information and promised to make it up to me.

She had planned a spa day for us at a very well known Atlanta hotel and resort. I remember the sunlight hitting my face that morning as I crawled out of my bed and something just being different. The light shined a different way, the world was entirely too still. Everything was too quiet, or maybe I was moving in slow motion. I remember showering and getting dressed and taking so much time to look good for her. My Ralph Lauren tracksuit being soft and warm. 100% Pima cotton feeling like I was wearing a cinnamon bun. I polished my watch with such precision the night before and watched the ember shine on my wrist from the aforementioned labor. My hair dark, thick and wavy with a small half moon curving off the side of my hairline. A photoshop quality gradient fading on the sides and the back. My pores excreting expensive cologne. I was feeling myself, in my own world, to say the least.

There’s a particular smell that the interior of a car acquires when the scent of leather mixes with cologne after a while. For the first time in my life as an adult, I felt like my father. I remember getting in the back of his Lexus and smelling the exact same smell. Him looking over at me, smiling. Center console full of hundred dollar bills, pistol in the glovebox, him glowing with youthful energy. I was shining in his honor that day. With my bag packed and a heart full of love, I gripped the wood grain and took of on my adventure. I arrived to the hotel and the valet took my car. When I walked in, a small congregation of Atlanta Police were conversing in the lobby. I made eye contact with the alpha of the group and continued with my day. I wasn’t thinking about him. She was on the 17th floor. This was another indicator that something was different because the number “8” follows me around. She had a room key waiting on me at the reception desk because you couldn’t get on the elevator without one. I remember riding that plush elevator up to the top all alone. It didn’t stop once. My excitement rose with every floor I passed. The elevator was surrounded by glass and something told me “look down.” I saw the same group of police officers looking up at me. I thought nothing of it at the time. The halls were quiet, a particular warmth a newness flowing through the air. I love the hotel feeling. I walked into the suite and the only thing more beautiful than the decorum and ambiance was her. There were big, colorful plush couches. An enormous white bed with a thousand pillows strategically ordered. Bathroom was nothing but marble, glass and wood. An assortment of breakfast foods was spread on the table in addition to Sunlight pouring through the heart of the Atlanta skyline making for a spectacular sight.

And HER?

Sitting on the couch in all her glory. She was drinking a mimosa, the condensation from the glass dropping down her arm. That Brown and blonde ombré hair of hers in a high bun. Black lace boy shorts and bra lying on that yellow skin of hers. Her fingers and toes were done as well.. Mint green. Handcuffs, a paddle, a pink leash and cat ears were laid out across the bed. I knew this would be an amazing weekend.
Pictured above is me when I saw what was on the bed

We made love everywhere. We utilized every surface in the room in addition to every sex accessory she brought. The shower, the coffee table, the couches, the bed. I tore her panties, she ripped my shirt. I choked her, she sat on my face, made me gag her while I had her by the leash. Shit was amazing. By the time it was over, she had sweated her edges out and I couldn’t cum anymore. I was busting clear water like those days when you were an adolescent off school and your mom had to work, so you jacked off 26 times. I was lying in the bed exhausted, relaxed and content. She was laying on me, playing in beard and talking about life. I was completely comfortable at this point, ladies and gentlemen. My guard was down, I was eating grapes, watching SportsCenter and wearing nothing but a gold watch and bucket hat. The hairs on the back of my neck suddenly stood up. I got goosebumps, anxiety rose and I became very nervous, extremely quick. There were 4 thundering knocks at the door. It sounded like the beginning of Lil Scrappy’s “Neva Eva”. She immediately got up and ran to the door. After looking through the
peep hole and saying “oh shit” a million times, I watched her pack up all her belongings in 1 minute flat. She also pulled a phone book thick wad of 20 dollar bills out of the night stand. It all happened so fast that I couldn’t even ask her what was going on, I had to see for myself. I looked out the peep hole and staring back at me was the same police officer I made eye contact with in the lobby and his crew. They didn’t look happy, either. I looked over at her and she resembled this gentleman


And I just knew I was in a world of trouble.
I didn’t know this would be this lengthy. Conclusion next week.

– Malcolm the King

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