Last night, I played Metal Slug and The Simpsons at an arcade, rubbed elbows and shook hands of Fellow Atlanta creatives, ate tacos and had solid drinks all in one place.

The wonderful Edgewood community. A small strip of bars, restaurants and a vintage-themed arcade (word to Joystick) in the heart of the city. The demographic is spectacular, seeing how Atlanta is a melting pot in itself and there’s no telling who you’ll run into. But, let me not ramble. This article isn’t about Edgewood, it’s about Department Store.

There aren’t too many places that jump on a Monday night, but Department Store (467 Edgewood) is a fucking exception. The scenery is relaxed, but not dingy. Plush, but not expensive and filled with douchery. It’s like a house party inside a bar, the perfect balance. The bartenders were wonderful, Gabrielle (on the left in the header photo) who’s hair remained luxurious as she whipped up thousands of drinks and Sarah who’s “Peace up, A Town down” tattoos would make any ATLien proud. Tip them well and they’ll remember you and show all the love. DJ Greg Street was spinning and obviously feeling nostalgic after Sunday’s Outkast concert, seeing how he mentioned that the idea for Andre and Big Boi to make a double disc for Speakerboxx/The Love Below was sparked by him. Exclusive tracks by local artists were played in addition to exclusive FIRE from Big KRIT + BOB, Snoop and the Dogg Pound and Andre 3000 himself.

I usually don’t bathroom selfie but…

Mr.Everything, Sean Falyon was in the vicinity (IG: SEANFALYON) as well as emerging Atlanta artist Scotty ATL (@ScottyATL) and representatives of The agency that manages him, Theory Communications (Hey Ericka!)
On Monday nights, Department Store is an outlet for local artists because they let YOU play your music and important ears are in abundance. The people behind the scenes that make things happen are there and if you’re trying to be heard or seen, this is one of the places you need to be. If you’re work is not quality, leave that shit at home because reputation is everything.

And always remember, Fortune favors the fucking bold.
Also, watch out for 12. They like to circle the block often.


Until next time,

– Malcolm the King


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