The Power of Lust

A relationship without lust is bound to fail.

As a man, there should be qualities you posses that makes her insides blossom. Something that makes her pearls tremble.

The way you walk, the way you speak, the things you do for her. Sometimes you’ll catch her adoring you, but don’t acknowledge it. Just appreciate.

Whether it’s your sense of humor, intelligence, dominance or an intangible bit of mysteriousness,

She should want to devour you.

She should admire you. She should respect you. She should be visualizing herself body rolling on your desk at work when you’re away.

Without lust the passion isn’t as intense. The chemistry isn’t electric. Lust is the catalyst to ignite a healthy, happy relationship.

Just the catalyst.

Don’t become consumed by the fire that is lust, because it’ll destroy everything in it’s path.

Contain the fire.

Keep the lust within the relationship. Once it escapes, it becomes a disaster.

Once you capture the mind and the heart of a woman, the body will surely follow.

Are you capable of leading?

– Malcolm the King.

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