I Knew I Needed to be Successful

Happy Friday, Winners.

I want to start the new year out properly, so I was very selective about this first post.

This particular topic is inspired by my best friend Randall, who told me a similar story about the exact moment he knew he needed to get rich.

This is mine.

It always astounds me how certain smells bring back the most profound memories. In this instance? Donato’s Pizza.

Donato’s Pizza is a Family Owned pizza chain that’s popular in my home state of Ohio. It isn’t a prevalent restaurant in the south, but Kroger Grocery stores have frozen “Take and Bake” pizzas by Donato’s.

I happened to smell one of those joints baking at a friends house, and I was instantly back to 2006 as a 16 year old Ohio State Football Recruit at an insane NBA party.

Here’s the scenario.

Sometime in the early 1980’s, Two black, impoverished brothers meet another black, impoverished boy and his cousin. Two brothers become successful through white collar crime, the other boy goes to the army and the cousin goes to the NBA.

Those two brothers were my Father and Uncle, the other boy their friend DP and the cousin being… We’ll call him 21.

After playing for the Lakers and becoming a defensive force in the NBA, this former second round draft pick gets a fat ass contract from the Portland Trailblazers.

Life obviously changed forever.

In the summer of 2006, right before 2 a days, my Father bought a brand new, drop top mustang and we drove to Cincinnati for one of 21’s annual mansion parties.

I had heard the stories about his previous parties at lofts, in luxury hotel rooms and such, but I never had a reason to go.

My father being as intelligent as he is was exposing me to an outlandish, obscene party EARLY so I wouldn’t be shocked when I went to college. Pretty smart on his part.

He was also motivating me.


A 16 Year old me Driving

After a 4 hour drive from Cleveland, my father and I arrive to this monstrosity of a house.

Water fountains, pillars and every luxury car that you could ever fathom was there. White Phantom, Bentley Coupe, Lexus, Ferrari, all of that.

There were brown marble countertops, stainless steel appliances, black marble tile floors. It was opulent, well kept and beautiful.

We were greeted in classic “Black man” Fashion.

21: “What’s up P! You smooth ass, player ass nigga. And look! You brought your clone! Hey Malcolm.”

As he said my name, he picked me up over his head and threw me on the couch. 21 was a massive man. A Shooting Guard/Small Forward being 6’6″ and weighing 245 pounds.

I wasn’t that small by any stretch of the imagination. I was an outside linebacker! 5’10, 220 at that time, he was just that fucking strong.

P/Dad: “Yeah 21, I had to bring him down here so he could get a taste of this life. I don’t want him to go to college and lose his rabbit ass mind. He needs to see this.”

21: “He’ll see all he needs to and probably some that he shouldn’t.”

There was more joking and such until my Uncle Rashad and friends arrived.

A tour of the house followed after that. Somewhere in Cincinnati There was a theatre, a full arcade, a bar in the kitchen, a bar in the basement, a bar by the indoor/outdoor pool area, 15 bedrooms and 16 baths.

Wrap your head around that.

I mentioned this before in “Kings of the Night”, but you truly don’t understand abundance until you’re in the presence of rich niggas.

Preparation for the party was already in place when we arrived. Hundreds of boxes of Donato’s Pizza, Wings and enough bottles of alcohol to fill a swimming pool.

The women were flocking to the mansion. Parties are so much better when you’re rich. I mean you have to understand that there were some of the most beautiful women in America at this event. In addition to that, it didn’t matter who they were, they wanted to know who we were.

Random fine ass Woman: “Who are you?”

Me: I’m 21’s nephew. I’m going to play football for Ohio State in two years.

Random: “How old are you?”

Me: (Lying) Um, 18?

Random: “No you aren’t. You’re about 16. I wish I brought my little sister here. She needs a nice, athletic boy like yourself. She needs to be taken care of. ”


Being a high school student and having girl trouble of my own, this opened my eyes to a completely new look on life.

If you have the money and or the power, Women will chase you.

There’s a point where every party gets live. When everyone is the right amount of drunk, the number of women is outstanding and the music is right.. The possibilities are endless.

Then, my moment came.

21 was standing on the second level of the house in the back. There was a wooden patio area where he was all alone, over looking the outdoor pool, jacuzzi, Bar and a portion of the Game room.

His white tee shirt was as crisp as one could imagine. His diamonds danced in the light of the setting sun as he pulled from a cuban cigar. His eyes smiled out as he stood there with a look of satisfaction painted onto his face.

I stood next to him to get a better view of what was taking place.

In the shadow of the sun setting I saw grown men back flipping into the pool, smiles lighting up the backyard, laughter filling the air. Almost childlike.

Grown, beautiful women shaking ass, gyrating, kissing and grinding on each other.

A red felt pool table with hundreds of thousands of dollars on it. My father talking shit and shaking dice with his left hand preparing to throw.. His silver Rolex glistening.

I looked at 21 and he spoke these profound words to me.

21: “You can’t ever let the child inside of you die. I started out shooting jump shots on Buckeye and now I’m in the NBA. What I loved to do as a child is what made me rich, what made me happy. In ten years You can have all of this and more if you stick to the path. These women, the cars and the clothes? They’re just perks man. What’s the best is the happiness. Look how happy I am, look at all my niggas and how happy they are. Tonight I could have practically any of these women I want, because I’m the man. No matter what they say or do? Everyone wants to acquire the ability to provide or to be provided for. This is luxury, this is comfortable, and this can all be yours. Now get out of here, I’m about to get some ass.”

I walked away and I sat in the garage and stared at the cars for a good 30 minutes. In 2006 at the age of 16, I knew that I needed to be rich. I knew exactly what I wanted.

He told me that I could have it all in 10 years. I’m on year 9. Wish me luck.





Until next Friday.

– Malcolm the King

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