Not Yeezus, but Yeezy.

Back in 2010 my current Editor in Chief sent me a rough draft of a few tracks off of “A Good Ass Job” which would become “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy,” arguably Kanye West’s best work.

Now I’m not saying that I can predict the future, but history does seem to repeat itself.

Today, another good friend of mine (@KingLavish) sent me a full rough version of an unreleased Kanye track titled “ALL DAY” that I heard about a year ago.

My head almost exploded. I’m currently on my 17th listen.

Below is the soundcloud link to “ALL DAY” by Yeezy. This shit is FIRE. God Willing, this album is as good as I think it will be.

KANYE WEST – ALL DAY [Best Quality] by Anoski on #SoundCloud

Oh yeah, tomorrow be on the lookout. I introduce my entire staff.

Until next Friday!

– King Malcolm

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