Meet the Friday Night Family.

Happy Friday readers!

I cordially invite you all to meet my young, talented, well rounded staff.

Fate put me in a position to meet all these men, and destiny put us here as a unit to observe, record and report cool shit.

I owe everything to this group of men. I’m raw material, and they mined the gold inside of me. Without further delay..

Here’s the crew!

D.Miles, Editor-in-Chief


A die hard Chicago fan, statistic nut and sports guru, Miles is grammar JESUS to ALOFN. An alumnus of the prestigious Morehouse College, Miles puts his degree in English to work in one of the coolest ways possible, working for ALOFN. Miles is an honorable and spectacular man, I trust him with my life. His only flaw is the fact that he roots for Michigan during college football season.

The IVth, Creative Director


Visually inclined, seasoned and stoic, The IVth is an asset to ALOFN. If there’s somewhere we need to be, something I need to write about, he makes sure it gets done. Sometimes I get WAY out there with my ideas and IV brings me back. Internationally traveled, the only continent this man hasn’t been on is Antarctica, seriously. The IVth is metaphorically the father of the group, logical and practical as he is creative. Also a proud Clark Atlanta grad.

Wolf, Finance, Marketing.


I can hear him saying it now. Wolf is a financial guru. A graduate of Virginia State University and Robert Kiyosaki, Wolf handles the financial transactions of ALOFN. A former Quarterback and current winner by nature, he makes sure that we’re turning profit around here.

There you have it people! This is who the universe has surrounded me with and I’m infinitely grateful.

There’s always a method to my madness and in this particular instance, it’s for one reason.

We’re going to fucking Amsterdam, and I’m gonna write about it.

Bye guys. Fortune favors the bold.

-King Malcolm

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