The Absence of Royalty. 

Happy Friday Readers! 

Due to schedule conflicts and inclement weather, the crew and I weren’t able to make it to Amsterdam. That shit kind of broke my heart. 

In addition to the formerly mentioned, life in general was seemingly stifling my writing ability, when in all honesty these experiences should be shared. 

My creative director is on my ass about not posting, but one of my biggest fears is writing  some bullshit and losing readers. What I didn’t realize is that the less I write, the more readers I lose. 

I can’t have that. 

I put an insane amount of feeling and thought into these posts in order to deliver the best product possible to the reader. You can tell when an artist is half-assing, and I’m not that guy. 

So the best thing I can do is write from my heart. Here we go. 

My personal relationship with my father is taking a blow because of our horrendous financial relationship. It sucks to grow up and see that your hero has flaws. 

I’m frustrated that I’m not established enough to take care of my entire family. I hate that my mother has to go to work, I hate that I can’t buy my sister a Land Rover, I hate that the majority of my extended family members live in Midwestern poverty. 

Every day I consistently feel the pressure of being great looming over my head. Mediocrity and normalcy aren’t meant for me. The more normal I feel the more uncomfortable I feel. It’s the same nervousness that you felt when your heard the car door open and close after your mother said “Just wait Til’ your Daddy gets home.” 

The drop in the stomach, The twitch of the foot, the way the heart skips a beat. 

Maybe it’s a good thing right? At least I acknowledge the feeling. A lot of men my age are just going through life worrying about the next nut or dollar. Me? I want the fucking glory. 

And finally, my love life is a mess. I refuse to self incriminate, so yeah. I’ve probably said entirely too much already. 

Now that I’ve expressed myself in full, I want to fully apologize to every reader for my spottiness. This is my first and last time doing this. I have a truckload of new material for you all. 

I’ll see you all on Wednesday. 

– King Malcolm 

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