And She Throws a Mean…

It’s a beautiful summer day in Atlanta. The weather isn’t unbearable yet, just hot enough for everyone to notice. You’re walking through Atlantic Station when suddenly, a goddess catches your eye. 

Her skin glows with a radiance that only melanin could produce. Her body is flawless, her eyes are shaped like almonds, her forehead is big, so you know her heart is too.  You’re a man! A hunter by nature looking for a mate! There’s no way that you can pass this up. 

You gather the balls to walk over and talk to her. The conversation is short, normal, nothing memorable, but you get the number! Mission accomplished, right? 

You wait a few days to hit her up, but she’s all you can think about. You shoot that text, eagerly waiting a response so that you can get to know her and all that good shit, right? 

Read 3:47 PM. She’s probably busy. 

Read 5:54 PM. She’s probably eating. 

 Read 9:59 PM. She’s probably sleeping. 

Not at all my nigga. She knows exactly what she’s doing. She’s ignoring you purposely, so she can get her point across. 

She ain’t fucking with you. 

Damn! Well if she didn’t want to talk to me, why did she give me her number? 

Simple, to get you out of her fucking face. 

Let’s rewind a bit. 

When you first walked up to her in an attempt to shoot your shot and you were able to obtian the number of this random, fine ass woman without making her smile, blush or swoon, you didn’t think anything was out of the ordinary? 

You think that she was just going to give you her direct line of contact when she hasn’t given you the slightest indication of interest? 

Absolutely not. 

You sir, just got curved inderectly and here’s what happened. 

Women can usually sense when a man can’t handle rejection well, so they protect themselves. Now understand, there are a plethora of ways to politely curve someone (I have a partner, I’m not interested, etc) but the aforementioned is actually my favorite technique to observe. 

So, an emotionally unstable, lame or undesirable man walks up to a woman. Woman gives the man her number and simultaneously pacifies him while protecting herself from possible physical, verbal and or emotional harm. 

When undesirable guy hits her up like 

“Hey, it’s DickHead from Atlantic Station.” 

She can then choose to ignore, block or erase him from her life. 

NOW, this can be handled one of two ways. Like a real nigga or not 

Way #1. The Crash and burn. 

“Hey it’s Dickhead from Atlantic Station, when can we hang?” 

I’m really not interested. 

“Fuck you, you ain’t that cute anyway. I was just trying to fuck not build nothing with you. Who do you think you are?” 

That’s a bad way to go out champ. Not only did you show that you were hurt, you handled the situation like a fuckboy. 

Way #2. Ride the Curve. 

“Good afternoon gorgeous. It’s Ace from Atlantic Station. We spoke the other day.” 

I’m not interested. 

“I understand, that’s cool. It was very nice to meet and speak to you. I hope to see you again in the future. Goodbye.” 

Now. If you handle the situation like a real nigga, you don’t slam the door on a potential connection. You have no idea what’s going on in her life. You don’t have the slightest idea why she’s not fucking with you. You may see her out again and now you’re able to speak and get a second shot because you were cordial. Be kind. 

The male ego is directly connected to male emotion. A bruise to the ego hurts the heart, but you must learn how to check your ego when it’s necessary. 

Rejection is a part of the game. Handle the curve like a real nigga and watch the prosperity. 

See you all Wednesday. 

– King Malcolm 

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