The Hoe Paradox 

Summer 2014 in Atlanta, GA. 

It’s a marvelous day in the city. I’m sitting at Piedmont  park on a blanket, having a drink and writing some of the early articles for this very site when a fucking Yorkie runs over my lap. 

The puppy’s owner follows behind him feverishly, yelling his name and apologizing for his behavior. Every ounce of anger left my body when I saw how fine she was. 5’5″, brown with her blonde locks in a bun, and thicker than cold peanut butter. 

She ended up sitting with me and we hit it off instantly. She mentioned living out of state being a problem but when you’re an internarional nigga like me, it isn’t. 

The buildup to the trip was spectacular. After we exchanged numbers we began texting and talking nonstopThese intimate conversations eventually evolved into exchanging candid photos, sending nudes, nasty FaceTime sessions, all that. 

A few weeks passed and we decided to link up in her city for a night full of good food, good drinks and great conversation. We sat next to each other in the restaurant instead of across from each other, becoming astonishingly intimate as the night progressed.

Then she whispered: “Let’s go back to my place.”



As soon as we get out of the Über and into her building, she fucking pounces on me. We’re falling all over each other from the lobby into the elevator, all over the elevator, and then into her condo. 

We stumble into the condo and I decide to go dead in. I’m kissing her all in the mouth, fondling and man handling her as she willingly follows my lead. At this point she’s putty in my hands.

The second I go for the kill she stops me and says: 

“Wait, we can’t do this. I don’t want to think this is all you came for. I don’t want you to treat me like a hoe.”


Treat you like a hoe? Come the fuck on babe. At this point we all should be able to agree that sex on the first date doesn’t make you a hoe. Neither does stripping, sucking dick or car sex. 

Well, if those things don’t make a hoe, then what does? What exactly is a hoe? Am I a hoe? 

I collected some data from men and women. Here are the results. 

A hoe is: 

“A woman who fucks multiple men for material things.”

– T. Turner 

“A woman fucking for attention.” 

K. Rob

“A woman who gets paid for sex.” 


“A lost soul with no guidance.” 

-Rob King

“A woman who doesn’t understand her self worth and allows a man to do anything to her physically.” 

– Azanga 

“A little freak who trying to bust it open for a pimp and his niggas.” 

– G 

“It’s a mentality, bra. Hoes be fucking a million niggas for a false sense of something.”

– Supreme 

“A hoe is a woman with loose morals. Loose morals lead to loose actions.”

– Green 

“A hoe is a BIH with no morals, and because she has no morals she doesn’t care about how that pwussy getting tore AHT.” 

– K. Rob, 305 

Interesting, right?

When dictating exactly what a “Hoe” is, the common denominator that I saw while collecting data was always moral fortitude. 

Men and women alike consistently mentioned how the morals of a woman outweigh her actions. That if a woman is out here having sex for something in return, that she’s a hoe. If she’s had sex with more than one man in the room in attempt to climb the ladder, she’s a hoe. 

An outfit, tattoos, or a particular haircut don’t make you a hoe. Your actions and morals do. Let’s go a bit deeper. 

Society is tough on women. Because women are the bearers of life and the most beautiful beings on the planet, we’ve been taught to put them on a pedestal and expect them to behave and carry themselves a certain way.

When a woman carries herself a different way than what we’re taught, some may perceive her as the action, which may or may not be true. Different people have different morals, a different code that they live and love by.

A lot of women try and carry themselves in a way that protects them from judgement and in turn hold themselves back from greatness. What you dream of doing without being judged and what you do behind closed doors is who you are. 

Case and point;

Being perceived as and feeling like a hoe is keeping my fellow men away from closing in the 4th quarter. 

Let me explain something about men. 

Men are very patient creatures. Men will fake entire relationships in order to test some pussy out. Contrary to popular belief by several women, making a nigga wait will not make a nigga stay. 

Whether he has sex the first or the 365th night, if he was going to leave, the time frame doesn’t matter. Men have sex as a part of the process of getting to know a woman, because during sex you show who you are. You’re literally stripped down in front of another person and offering yourself to them. 

“Well I don’t want things to change. It’s too early.” 

Honey. Things we’re going to change anyway. Sex is a spiritual  experience where you share energy with someone. Things are going to get better or worse after no matter what. That’s a cop out. 

One of the worst things that you can do to acquires sex often is try and control him with it. 

When a man is used to female company in copious amounts, some new pussy doesn’t matter as much as is would to one who doesn’t. Chances are, he has a few women that he could be fucking, but he’s made a choice to get to know YOU For whatever reason you stand out to him. 

Good pussy on a trash woman will only be that, good pussy. But good pussy on a good woman is what wives are made of. 

Not having sex on the first date is fine! It’s a choice that a woman has the right to make. There are a plethora of determining factors in her choice as well. She may not be comfortable, she may not be attracted as she thought she was, or she just isn’t ready. 

 In all honesty, most men aren’t looking to close until the second date anyway, the first date is where you feel the energy and know if you even have a chance at winning. 

Baby, go ahead and give him some. It’s gonna show you who he really is. 

But if everything is electric, the attraction is there and you want to give him some, but you choose not to because you don’t want to look like a hoe, it actually makes you look like you want to control the situation and string him along via vagina. 

And guess what that makes you look like? 

Always remember, FORTUNE FAVORS THE BOLD. 

And as for the woman I mentioned above, I smashed on the second date. It was wack, she started acting wack and I moved on. 

I could’ve saved time and fucking money. 

– King Malcolm


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