Atlanta’s Lord and Savior. 

I’ve been in Atlanta enough to identify as an honorary ATLien. I’ve lived through the Crunk, Snap, Futuristic, SwagSurf and Trap eras. I have gold teeth and a Georgia license. I know the East Side like the back of my hand. I eat American Deli often, nigga I’m certified! 

 Now don’t get me wrong, my heart is split into three pieces, one here in Atlanta, the other two being in Miami and back home in Cleveland, but Atlanta is my home now. Now because we’re talking about Atlanta, I want to tell you about this one guy. 

The Chosen One.

The Chosen One is the first cousin of Rico Wade. For those who don’t know, Rico Wade is the founder of the Dungeon family, respectively. Rico Wade is the backbone that united the metaphorical ribs that are Killer Mike, Goodie Mob, Sleepy Brown, and fucking Outkast, undoubtedly the biggest things to come out of Atlanta. 

Rico Wade (seated) with a few familiar faces and lack thereof (Andre) 

The Chosen One’s songwriting credits are stout, to be modest. Displaying Steph Curry-Esque range, he’s worked with the grimiest of hip hop (Gucci Mane, Rocko, Jeezy, DJ KHALED) to big time names and polished lyricists ( Kanye West, Pusha T, Game, Lil Wayne, Drake) to mainstream pop (Nick Cannon, Justin Bieber) all the way to Rhythm and Blues Royalty (Beyoncé, Rihanna, R.Kelly). 

The Chosen One has consistently put out Mainstream and Street hits, simultaneously, a feat that only few have achieved. He had street niggas screaming “TOLD MY GRANDMA I DONT NEED A BED, IM SLEEPING ON THE FLOOR” while crooning soulfully with Kelly Rowland within the same year. He’s partially responsible for the introduction and explosion of Mike Will, a production powerhouse in hip hop, and the rise of Missouri’s own Metro Boomin. 

Here in Atlanta, we get a lot of flash in the pan artists. Thanks to the support of the city and the fact that this is currently the Hip Hop capital of the world, a local rapper can sky rocket to prevalence overnight because of a catchy phrase and a decent song or two. But longevity? No. Deciding factors in longevity are hard work and talent, two of the things that The Chosen One does possess. 


A few guys who were here one summer, and gone soon after. 

The Chosen One has arguably given us a smash record, Trap Anthem, ballad or club banger every year since his rookie season in the music Industry. He went from the streets to dealing with mild success, to stardom, to impregnating an R&B princess, leaving her and rapping about the pain and how he’s coping with it via music, sex and drugs. 

Ladies and gentlemen if you don’t know who the chosen one is by now, I’m talking about Super Future, Fire Marshall Future, The Wizard, Future Hendrix, Earth, Wind and Future, Future Vandross, Future and the Vandellas, Martin Luther Juug Jr., 

The Chosen One. 


I remember during the BET Awards the year that Michael Jackson passed, Jamie Foxx said “Michael was ours. We had to share him with the world.” 

North Carolina knew that Michael Jordan was great before the world did. Brooklyn knew that Jay-Z was great before the world did. Here in Atlanta, we knew future was going to be something, and it’s amazing to see the world catch up to what we’ve already known. 

If you get on Twitter and search the hashtag #FutureHive, you’ll see a plethora of hilarious and interesting memes dedicated to the chosen one. His fan base was already solid, but the miracle that is the Internet has shown the unknowing the light..

I call the future The Chosen One simply because he’s the most well rounded and well put together of the the new generation artists out of Atlanta. Future is so good that when a new Southern artist with talent emerges, we instantly start comparing the two, “The Jordan Complex” so to speak. 

Future is the best act to come out of the city in years. He can give you everything. Great beat selection, hit records, flow, cadence, wordplay, hooks, features, rapping, singing, energy, emotion and food for thought. 

I mean the same guy who said : 

“I turned the whole world up now they wanna treat me like an Outcast or something. These niggas so broke instead of going to go get it, they rather ask for something.” 

Also said: 

“We’re balling like its March Madness, all these cops shooting niggas is tragic. I’m the one who’s living lavish, like I’m playing for the Mavericks.” 

And my favorite: 

“All this MUHTAFUCKIN money got me codeine crazy.”

So after fucking up some commas and a few summers, Headlining two tours with Drake, a Grammy nod or two, a three-peat of mixtapes and being your favorite artists, favorite artist, the closest thing that Hip Hop has to Gohan in the Cell games is only one milestone away from being a legend. 

A classic album. -KM 

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