Welcome Home, Uncle Snoop. 

Good morning you fucking winners! 
Let’s talk about music.

Earlier this week on my commute to the office, I decided to let Spotify work its magic and give this new Snoop Dogg and Pharrell album, BUSH, a spin. 

A blue Dogg in a green world eating grass. This some high shit. 

This shit is fucking fire. Dance-electro-funk gangsta pop is the best way I can describe it. I’m so glad that Snoop is making this type of music at his age. There’s absolutely no reason for snoop to be rapping like its 1994 in his 40’s. Who wants to hear a “Deep Cover” verse from Doggy Dogg in 2015? 

We have ten Pharrell produced tracks with snoop channeling “Sexual Eruption” and uncle Charlie crooning on backing vocals and Adlibs. These niggas basically got together and made Ten tracks of Cookout and Wedding Reception music. I mean there are literally parts of the album where Charlie Wilson yells out “TO THE LEFT, TO THE RIGHT” or Snoop croons “Sway, sway, side to side.” It’s a very fun project. 
Snoop has played with this sound before (“Let’s Get Blown”, “Signs“) so I knew it was only a matter of time before he took the necessary steps to create an entire project that expressed that particular sound. I think he heard Pharrell’s “GIRL” album, and immediately got on the phone like “Nephew let’s make this happen.” 

If you played his album for Snoop in 1995 I’m sure that he would be entertained and impressed with his growth. There isn’t heavy auto tune and he’s not trying to hit notes like K-Ci or Fetty Wap, he’s staying in his key and in his octave and just groovin. I feel like Snoop is the national representative for all cool ass old niggas across the globe. I think he’s everyone’s uncle just like Kanye is everyone’s cousin. Relatable. 

You’re reading this right now and you telling me that you can’t imagine Snoop leading the electric slide with a blunt in his mouth at your family reunion? You’re a liar. 


Uncle Snoop Grooving with some freaks. 

Pharrell showed his ass on this album. Whether he used the same sequencing from “Blow” by Beyoncé is up for debate, but regardless it’s still amazing. Out of ten tracks I like 8 and I constantly play 5 of them. That’s an A – album on the Malcolm scale. Check out BUSH by Snoop and P. Buy the shit or stream on Spotify. Don’t be a bitch. Support the industry so we can continue to get good product. 

Looks like Big Snoop Dogg has transcended from that young, laid back, smooth nigga in the streets into the father, coach and international suave old head that he is, all while smoking more weed than you can fathom. 
Charlie Wilson is the uncle of the generation prior to us. Uncle Snoop is ours. 

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