Three’s a Crowd 

There’s a certain obsession amongst young men. A curiosity and desire to experience an event that some describe as exhilarating, exhausting, life-changing, and corrupting. I asked my finance guy and good friend to describe the first time he indulged in this experience and he simply said: 

Imagine if the people in hell were allowed to party in heaven for one night only! Like that. 

This obsession is a driving factor and true motivator. We see rich men flaunting the fact that they’ve enjoyed the experience. We see it in movies and videos, hear about it in multiple genres of music. 

If it isn’t obvious what this experience is yet, you’ll know shortly. 

Back in early 2009, It was a cloudy winter day in northern Louisiana. Not a particularly cold day, probably about 55 degrees and cloudy, yet the air was still thick with bayou humidity. I had just left my creative writing class, one of the very few classes that I attended, and was in the student union with the usual suspects grabbing some Burger King. 

  Back when I dressed like this, smh. 

It was my freshman year In college and I had just returned from my first winter break and I was prepared to get into all types of mischief. Over the break I had built a strong rapport with this woman from Texas who I was fucking with heavy. We had great sex and she didn’t get on my nerves, two pluses in my book. I remember she gave me some pussy in the bathroom of the science building before my final because I was stressed. She’s actually the first woman I ever hit raw, come to think of it. 

Shorty had some of that magical pussy that was so amazing that you write an article about it six years later. She was a preacher’s daughter and cheerleader, so you know she was wild as hell and flexible. She had a mahogany skin and a glow that radiated year round. She was rude and country with an ass like an escalade and a smile that could light up a room. 

Texas is a fitting name. 

So as I’m eating my Burger King with the homies and laughing about God knows what, my Palm Treo (ha, remember those?) buzzes with a media message from Texas. Mind you, it’s 2009, nudes weren’t common yet, this shit was a big deal. I open in up, and it’s her in black bra and panties, which I love, holding a blunt, message reading: “cum tHruu”. My best friend Dro happened to see it over my shoulder and in a thick Floridian accent he simply said: 

Fool, go handle that. 

Ain’t gotta tell me twice. 

I stop by my dorm shower, shave my balls, grab some rubbers and head off across campus on foot to my adventure. 


Of course I was wearing this. 

The dorms in that building were set up in a four roommate style. Four bedrooms, a bathroom at the end of each hallway and a common area living room. She came to the door and flashed that pretty ass smile before she planted one on my lips. I noticed she had a robe on, which was new but I thought nothing of it. 

I started following her to the room when she said: 

Wait, Stay right there lucky. Come in 20 seconds after I close the door. I have a surprise for you. 

I agreed, thinking that she was just going to be ass naked when I got in there, not expecting that I was about to have one of the greatest days of my life.

 I walk in the bedroom and my shit instantly gets as hard as the corner of the table that you stub your toe on. Texas and her friend Red were sitting on that little ass twin sized college bed, in their draws, smoking a blunt and laughing. 

Red was fine and rebellious as fuck. She was from California, so she was one of those joints who didn’t know she was fine as fuck because there’s such an abundance of beautiful women out west. She had this red and green hair, a bunch of tattoos and a septum piercing. Red was a little older than us and she had a grown woman body. Developed hips, thighs, ass and titties. HBCU volleyball player. Tall, fine, thick and nasty. 

Before I can even say a word Texas passes the weed to Red, gets up, and starts kissing me in the mouth. She backs me down to the wall where she proceeds to whip my manhood out. Texas had thin lips and didn’t particularly like to suck dick. I mean we were 18 years old so it was still kind of taboo at the time. She’s down there playing around you know, licking and kissing the head. She didn’t like me making eye contact so I looked up at Red who’s calmly smoking and smiling. 

Red hops off the bed after hitting the weed and shotguns me in the mouth while simultaneously handing me the blunt. She walks away, stops in the middle of the bedroom, bends over and peels her panties off. 

Nigga I almost passed out. My dick got as hard as the wing of an airplane. 

Red then hops up on the bed doggystyle and starts looking me in the eyes while playing with her pussy from the back. I’m so young and nervous, I start hitting the blunt hard as hell in an effort to relax. I remember all of the lights being off with the exception of a tiny ass 19 inch TV illuminating the room. The way the light was hitting her manicured fingers I could see her shit glistening. She was just that wet. 

Lucky, yall come here

Said Red in a highly aroused voice. 

She laid on her back as she motioned me to stand by the side of the bed and Texas to go to the foot. 

Texas, do just like I showed you last time, alright honey? 

Texas showed that pearly smile and nodded in agreement. 

“Last time?!” I said. 

Yes Lucky, last time. Texas and I have been having our girl on girl sessions since school started back. I’m trying to get her to reach her sexual peak. I asked her if she wanted to get some dick involved and she picked you. Said you had the best dick she’s had in college. Guess they call you lucky for a reason. 

I looked at Texas and almost told her I loved her. 

Red yanks me forward by the back of my thigh and shoves my joint in her mouth. Had it not been for the fact that my knee hit one of the poles on the bed frame and distracted my high ass, I probably would’ve come right then. Anyway, Like I said, Red was older and more developed than Texas. Not only did she encourage eye contact, but she was slurping and gagging, getting spit all over the side of the bed and talking shit. 

I mean I’m 18 years old at this time, closest I had ever come to head like that was watching West Coast Productions! I look to the left and Texas is at the foot of the bed eating pussy like a champion. She had her hair wrapped and was going hard, which made Red moan on my dick and go BESERK. 

I heard Red moan one too many times and I almost lost it and blasted off a weeks worth of 18 year old spunk in her face. She must’ve felt it coming so she pinched my side and I jumped back. Red looked at me with a devilish smile and said –

You about to nut and you ain’t even get no pussy yet. Relax, young boy. 

Everything about her turned me on. 

Now by this time I’m high as hell. Not only was a marijuna lightweight, but I wouldn’t find out until later that Red had us smoking some Cali shit. In the midst of all this I look over at Texas, who’s smiling with a wet face like a child with a fucking Popsicle. 

The first thing on my mind came out of my mouth. 

Texas, when the fuck did you wrap your hair?

The three of us all bust out laughing, with our high asses. 

Lucky shut up! You always making jokes! I did real quick while you was getting head

Texas got up, walked over and gave me a nasty ass kiss with Red’s juices all over her face. Red told Tex to lay down as she slowly climbed on top of her and started sucking her titties and shit. I, didn’t need an invitation to eat no pussy. I started to eat Red from the back, as a real nigga should’ve. She’s grabbing my head, grinding into my face and shit, I’m high and low on air so I feel like I’m about to faint, but it’s worth it. 

I pull away from Red’s perfect yellow ass and go and get a condom when she stops me. 

Uh uh. I’m allergic to latex, I’m clean and I’m on birth control. Didn’t you and Texas go and get checked before you left for break?

I nodded like giddy little boy. I didn’t care of her ass was on animal control, my dick was as hard as Egyptian architecture. 

You ain’t got nothing? 

I shook my head side to side feverishly. 

Good, come here

She arched her back and poked that ass out so perfectly, I was astonished. She was eating good pussy so Texas wasn’t even looking at me. She was grabbing the sheets and rolling her eyes into the back of her head. 

Every time the head got close, Red would pull away. She was so fucking wet and she was teasing me. Twice I tried to insert and she jumped. Finally, I grabbed those hips and thrusted and she moaned into Texas’ pussy loud as fuck. Red’s pussy was so good it felt like walking into a warm house on a brick ass winter day. It was so warm and welcoming. The pussy gave me a hand shake. 

I got a solid 12 long, deep strokes in before I started beating that shit out the frame. I’m an 18 year old football player man, I was fucking like a rabbit right then. I literally had testosterone coming out of my pores. 

I’m watching Red’s  yellow ass bounce all over my shit with that bright ass hair and all those tattoos and once again, I almost lose it. I start looking around and random shit in the room trying to maintain focus and not spray this club up like the climax scene on “The Players Club.” Texas legs start to shake and she screams and squirms as she catches her nut and falls back on the pillow. 

I keep my composure and continue to pound when I notice that Texas isn’t laid back anymore, but looking up at me, playing with her little titties and smiling. Red has stopped eating pussy and has the left side of her face laid on Texas’ FUPA. Red gasps “harder, don’t stop” and I know she’s about to catch a nut. I start going super Saiyan in the pussy and Red starts hyperventilating and grabbing for shit that doesn’t exist. 

The harder I go, the closer I get to busting off, so I pray that Red is getting hers soon. I’m starting to get winded and sweat is dripping down my face and I begin to feel that very familiar tingle that we men chase on a daily basis. Red lifts her head up and whips around to look at me with the filthiest, most evil look she can muster. The monster inside of her was alive and well. I grab her left tricep with my left hand and the back of her colorful ass hair with my right. 

I dig deep because I realize it’s the fourth quarter and keep pounding even though I’m at the point of exhaustion. She reached back with her left hand grabbed my nipple and exclaimed: 

Oh my God, Oh My God, I’m cumming! Don’t stop, cum in me please don’t stop, cum in this pussy! 


We yelled at the exact same time. Shit was so real that I went deaf for a second. It was like somebody threw a flashbang into the room. I came so hard that I collapsed to the left of The girls and knocked the fucking curtains down off the window. That was singlehandedly one of the greatest nuts that I’ve ever bust in my entire life. I came so hard that my pelvic floor was sore the next day. 

I laid there in my sweat and lust with curtains over my face for a good fifteen minutes. Texas was laid back on the pillow smiling and playing in the sleeping Red’s hair. After a brief nap, The munchies had kicked In and we decided to get a bite to eat. Red lived off campus so she dropped Texas and off at the Cafe and headed to the nearby Chili’s with her fellow upperclassmen. Before we got out the car, Red said that what happened was a one time thing and she hoped I enjoyed it because she damn sure did. She told me that she’d love to fuck me often, but Texas really liked me and she couldn’t do that to her Homegirl. 

Texas and I walked into the cafeteria high, hungry and satisfied. We spotted both our groups of friends sitting together at a very large booth and they waived us over. 

We grabbed our plates and sat down all cool and calm. Not ten minutes into sitting down, our friend Alyx from Atlanta smirked at us and said: 

“Yall just had some good ole sex huh?” 

– International M. 

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