Crew of Honor. 

It’s a beautiful Wednesday morning in The Hip Hop Capital of the World, Black Hollywood aka Atlanta, Georgia. 

I have some leftover champagne from a recent gathering, and I’ve decided to pour myself a mimosa while enjoying this wonderfully crafted omelette. 
So I’m sitting here eating and letting “Entourage” play on the 60 inch and naturally my mind starts to wander. 

Camaraderie amongst men is a relationship that can only be described by experience. Whether it be sports, war, alcohol or general fuckery that bring us together, the bond is always powerful. 

There are a lot of brittle-ass niggas in the world, so being solid is appreciated. Game recognizes game and hoes do too. You can only judge a man by his principles and every man has a code that he lives by, but what about rules, regulations and guidelines of bromance? What are the do’s and dont’s of friendship? 

Not to worry gentlemen and savages. After picking the brains of several friends, advisors and associates, I’ve been able to formulate a profound article for the fellas and a free, uncensored, look into the brains of men for the women. 

Without any further antics or bravado, I proudly present to the honorable and savage alike, Crew of Honor.  

Son, the truth will set you free. You chose to be with this group of friends, why lie to them? 

Keep your homies in the light no matter work. There’s nothing worse than a nigga who fabricates or withholds information from his own crew. If his songs are fucking wack, tell him. Don’t be a yes man, there are way too many fuck boys in the world. If you’re cheating on your girl, tell your homeboy so he has an idea how to lie for you properly, Like a lawyer. 

We’ve all seen the 2006 film ATL. Remember when Esquire didn’t tell Rashad that New-New wasn’t from the city and he had to find out on his own? Exactly. He withheld information that ended up hurting his homie in an attempt to protect his feelings. He could’ve avoided the entire beef had he just told him what he saw from jump. Don’t try to protect the feelings of your homies, you do that to your girlfriend. If they ask, tell them. Your boy can handle it. 

Oh, and if you did something fucked up, you better not lie about it to the crew. Stand by what you did and deal with the consequences. You’ll be respected for it.  

Lastly, don’t be afraid to call your friends out for their bullshit, that’s what a good friend does. Friends should make you better and if anybody in the world is going to keep it funky with you, your friends should. 

“If every nigga in your clique is rich, your clique is rugged. Nobody will fall cause everyone will be each other’s crutches.”

Don’t be a fucking moocher. I was thinking of some elegant, elaborate ass way to lead into that sentence but it’s really unnecessary because the point is simple. 

Don’t be the guy who only comes around only when there’s the promise of food, alcohol or women, especially if you come empty handed. My Pops always told me to never show up to your friend’s gatherings without anything. Even if funds are low and you stop and grab a $5 pizza from weak ass Little Caesars, it’s the effort that counts. 

If you’re at the bar with your homies, it’s an obligation as a man to buy a fucking round, especially if niggas bought a round for you. If you sit there and suck down all the drinks and no one checks you about it, you a sucker and your friends some yellow bellies too. 

If you happen to be down for the time being, communicate and keep it real with your crew and I guarantee that they’ll hold you down just because you were honest and they enjoy your company. That’s what friends do. When they do hold you down and you say “I got y’all boys next time” you better stick to that, if you don’t your credibility will be shot forever. Niggas remember a lot more than you think they do. 

All a man has is his balls and his word. Reciprocity and contribution are pillars of friendship. If you don’t have a specific skill set and you’re not contributing, what you around for? 

“Everybody eats, B.” 

Everyone takes one for the team. Whether it be covering the bill that night, lying to an angry sister in law or fucking a fat girl so your friend can prosper, we have all done it. 

I remember lying to my parents in high school and making up an entire football workout lie so I could take my best friend to get some pussy on the other side of town. Mario you owe me! 

Understand though! There’s a difference between taking one for the team and being the scapegoat. If you’re always the one biting the dust and getting the short end of the stick, you may want to voice your concerns or recognize that those guys might not be your friends, or they are your friends, but YOU haven’t accepted your role Lol. 

Taking some heat for the homies is cool, but there should be just as many, if not more opportunities to WIN in store as a reward for your sacrifices. 

Reciprocity my niggas. 


You thought I was going to leave this out or skip over this? Absolutely not. This is the best fucking part! I love writing and talking about women. I love it so much that before I even send my creative director an article he says:

“Is it about women?” 

Dealing with friends and women isn’t complicated, niggas just lack realness and honor, so they make it that way. 

First. One of the sexiest things you can do is be honorable. Women love that shit with every bone inside of them. It’ll make them put their homegirls on to you so fast. 

“He don’t cheat and he ain’t never try to fuck with me after me and (insert homie’s name here) stopped fucking around? Girl he real.” 

Understand this. If your homie claims a woman publicly or to you privately, she is off limits. She should be dead to you. You will absolutely not fuck around with a woman that your partner was emotionally invested in. I don’t give a fuck if he gave you the green light after they split or not, don’t do it, it’s a bad look. 

There’s only been one time in my life where I smashed a homie’s ex and it was justifiable. First, he wasn’t my homie at the time, he was an acquaintance. Secondly, I didn’t know that he and shorty were involved until after she threw me a neck dinner. There was nothing I could do. Even after I found out and I came to him with it, he simply replied: 

“You good. She was the action my nigga, that’s why we split.” 

That quote leads me to my very next point! These  hoes are for everybody. When I say hoes, I mean exactly that. Not girlfriends, but the freaks. These girls who are out in the city being young and free, enjoying themselves and not looking to settle down are fair game. 

If your homeboy smashed a chick with no strings attached and you have the opportunity to do the same, you do not have to run it by him. If he ain’t talking about shorty, he ain’t thinking about her ass. Ya’ll can talk about that shit later and it’s going to be cool, unless feelings are involved. Whether you know if he smashed or not, it’s still up to you to use your discretion on what you want to do. 

You turn her down and she might get all mad and run to your homeboy and make it seem like you were thirsty when in actuality she was throwing the yams at you. She might respect your decision and keep it moving. You do smash and you end up talking about how awesome it was over a drink with your dog and maybe even her. Life is better when everyone is honest. 

When dealing with women that have been smashed by friends, don’t be a scavenger. Don’t be the guy who tries to talk to chicks just because you know that they’re hittable. The guy that loves sloppy seconds because it’s easy. 

I’ve been a scavenger before. It was because I didn’t know better and I grew up with a bunch of snakes and vultures, but I was still wrong, nonetheless. My man pulled me to the side and schooled me about it and I changed my ways. Don’t do that shit. It’s a bad look. 

My final point in relation to women and homies. 

Don’t ask me to put you on with no women or bring no women around if you aren’t up to par. If you ain’t got money, a place to stay or a whip, don’t ask me about the freaks. If I bring women around and you don’t do anything but stare at them, don’t ask me about the hoes. If the women come around and you give off creepy, rapey vibes, don’t ask me about the women. 

Fortune favors the bold and luck favors the prepared. If you don’t have either, don’t ask me if my shorty has friends or to bring no women around. You’re my homeboy, thus making you a representation of me and my character. I refuse to bring women around if you got me out here looking bad. 


Realness, respect, reciprocity, and honor. Being a solid nigga and having a good group of friends in this day and age is underrated. We make “friends” so quickly via jokes, common interests and social media that we forget to truly make friends. The true friends that you have? Stick by them, do right and they’ll be there forever. 

Stick to the G code! 

God, I’m good at this shit. Fortune favors the bold and luck favors the prepared. 

– International Malcolm 

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