In Honor of…

Suffer the entire week and live your Friday like a champion. 

Gentlemen and savages alike, we’ve been waiting on today since Monday. A grueling week of whatever we must do in order to do what we want to. It’s payday for some, but it’s Friday for everyone. 

In honor of us all participating in drunken foolery and attempting to prosper not only with women but in life, I want you all to remember something. 

All a man has is his balls and his word. 

Al Pacino said that as Scarface in 1983, which happens to be my Mother’s favorite movie. That quote has been ingrained into my psyche repetitively over the years. You understand how important your word is, but what about your balls? What do they represent? 

Confidence, bravado, and courage are words I align with the colloquialism “Balls”. It’s funny how the sex organ that literally makes you a man is also a metaphorical representation of the characteristics that make you a man. 

It’s interesting how a man will sign up for the military, go through grueling training and fight an entire war, but won’t walk up and speak to a woman at the mall. How he’s more comfortable in a firefight with insurgents than he is in the face of a woman. 

Now obviously I used that comparison for the sake of argument, but the difference between the aformentioned guy and me isn’t confidence or courage. It’s the fact that I couldn’t give a fuck less about being rejected. Rejection is a part of the game and in order to be a sensational man you have to be able to accept it. 

The thing about the word “No” is that in most cases, it doesn’t mean never, just not right now. Unfortunately when most men get rejected, emotion kicks in as a reaction to a bruised ego and clouds judgement. 

You have to keep a clear head. 

Rejection is deeper than the curve. Rejection forces you to look at the man in the mirror. It makes you wonder if you aren’t cool enough, if you said the wrong thing, if you you need to check your breath or get new shoes. It makes you look at a comprehensive checklist in your head and cross off everything that you think you did right, when in all honesty, you should’ve had the shit checked off before you left the house. 

The key to true confidence is knowing more than you believe. When you have to believe something, it means you’re trying to be sure of it. That’s why there’s a difference between confidence and believing. When you know that you’re smart, handsome, talented and funny you don’t have to convince yourself, and the women can smell that coming off of you. 

The thing about Rejection is that it often isn’t the truth, but a test. Women have been taught and shown their entire lives that controlling the emotions of a man is power. In most circumstances, it’s one of two things. Either they genuinely aren’t interested, or they want to see how you react. Ladies am I lying? 

They understand that us walking up to them and speaking isn’t an easy task, that it takes a whole lot. When you go to speak to a woman in public, whatever way you do it, it takes boldness. It requires a plethora of heart to walk up to what you think the most beautiful woman in the room and speak your mind. So you’re already a step ahead when you walk up! 

This article isn’t about the curve. This article is about confidence. Media has tried to shape the minds of the masses of men by pushing the idea that being meek, mild and kind will get you far in life. In the movies the kind, love able underdog gets the girl in the end by just being his boring old self. 


Clark Kent walks by Lois Lane every single day but that pussy don’t get wet until that man puts his cape on. Understand? 

They want you to be loveable and forgettable so they can take your money and keep all the hot women for themselves! They are subconsciously trying to cut you out by encouraging you to be nice. 

Do you want to be the guy or do you want to be the man? A lack of confidence is doing absolutely nothing for you but tarnishing your legacy and holding you back. You have to take calculated risks, have nuts of steel and ice in your fucking veins. Michael Jordan is the greatest because of the shots he made when it mattered the most. When the pressure was at his highest. You can’t be afraid of the moment. Muhammad Ali is famous for the punches he dodged, not the ones he took. Opportunity wears soft-toed shoes and if you don’t have any balls, you’ll miss out every time.

You can call me an arrogant, cocky asshole all you want, but the fact of the matter is I know I’m good, so I don’t have to act like it. I’m good at everything and if I’m not good at something it’s because I haven’t been exposed to it yet. But I’ll tell you what, I’d much rather be the way I am than to be some boot licking pushover who lets life pass him by on a daily. 

People have been convinced that prayer alone works. Asking your Lord for something is only a part of the equation. You’re a man! You have to HUNT. 

Fortune favors the bold and luck favors the prepared. Nice guys don’t finish last, boring guys do. 

It’s the weekend winners! Put your cape on. 

International Malcolm  

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