Great Sex, Crazy Motherfucker. 

We human beings are creatures who are much more savage than we like to acknowledge. Think about the simple things that are monuments to our primal behavior. How we become irritable when we’re hungry. How we behave irrationally when extremely aroused. The cravings that occur which we must fulfill – a sweet tooth, thirst etc. 

Many of the things that entertain us are nothing more than glamorized instances of savagery. Boxing, Football, MMA, wrestling. Even on intellectual and emotional levels, watching debates, roundtables and Love and Hip Hop are just human renditions of hyenas snarling at each other over principalities. 

One of the most primitive, yet artistic and beautiful acts that a human can participate in is sex. Filthy, sweaty, aggressive sex. 

Why does it seem like the most amazing sex comes from the most unstable people? Per my experience I’ve linked great sex with two types of women: The Crazy and/or Poor. Also, I’ve thrown my best dick when I was in love, which I consider a form of crazy, or broke as shit. After collecting some data and researching a little bit, I’ve formed a few opinions that I’d like to share with you all. Is that cool? 

Of course it is, you reading my shit. 

I think that crazy people are more in tune with their inner savage and primal nature, therefore they’re better at sex. Crazy muhfuckas already walk around lacking the parameters and wherewithal of a normal person, so that translates into marvelous sex. A woman who threatens to kill you in your sleep has no qualms about sucking your dick until snot comes out of her nose and her eyes water, simply because she doesn’t give a fuck. What people don’t realize is those who really don’t give a fuck couldn’t care less about day to day things, let alone the things that they do to please their partner.

Lacking couth and tact has its advantages. 

The same applies for us men. The man who says “I’ll do anything for you” or the man who threatens to drive his car off the bridge and kill the both of y’all just so YOU shut the fuck up are perfect examples. Passion is nothing but anger and desire mixed. In this situation that burning desire is to please/shut a woman up. So a man who is crazy or in love feels no type of way about eating pussy from the back while dangling you over the balcony of a hotel room, because all he cares about is the endgame, pleasing you. 

I remember being broke as fuck. I remember living in a two bedroom trap house in the heart of East Atlanta, down the street from the Texaco that OJ the Juiceman used to rap about. My rent was $400 a month and I had green carpet, white appliances and a shitty cooling system. My car had been stolen so I was riding public transportation to work, and with the exception of video games and music, I only had one thing that made me truly happy. I had a woman. 

Walmart bedding, a twin sized bed and a 19 inch Sony TV, but I was throwing dick like my life depended on it. I used to wear her the hell OUT. I would fuck until I was drenched in sweat and she wasn’t able to move. I would fuck until I had cramps. I would be lightheaded, seeing spots on the wall, a few minutes from passing the FUCK out, and I would power my way through because at the time, sex was all I had to offer. 

Let’s flip the script. 

Two years later, I’m somewhat established and doing alright in life. I come across this beautiful honey who doesn’t have it all together, but she’s trying. She lives with her granny, has a job that she doesn’t really like, and she can’t cook. No car, struggling with school and trying to find herself in the world. 

But when she put that cat on me? 

She would give me everything that she had. Subconsciously or maybe cognitively, she knew that she really didn’t have much to offer me in a few aspects, but she was going to give me the best sex I ever had. I remember her literally laying on the bench of a dressing room upside down and giving me head just so the attendant wouldn’t walk by and see her on her knees. That’s dedication man. 

Personally I think that there is a direct correlation between a lack of sanity and good sex. Good sex coming from people who don’t have much to offer is understandable, but very often people discredit how much craziness plays a part in good relationships let alone good sex. 

Draya pepper sprayed the man that she was going to marry just because she was angry about something. A woman like that is liable to ride your dick while holding on to the ceiling fan. 

Like I said previously, being in love is a form of insanity itself. The idea of love goes against basic human principles of self preservation. So when you wonder why men seemingly seek crazy ass women or women seek those savage ass men, use this as a guide and don’t get so hurt. 

Maybe you should embrace and acknowledge your own crazy. 

See you soon. 

International Malcolm 

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