In Reality, We Do Love These Hoes. 

When I say hoes, I mean it in the most honorable, respectable way possible. I’m really just using it as a colloquialism in relation to the common Black American phrase: “We don’t love these hoes!”

You know, Black jargon, Nigga vernacular and shit. Did you see how I capitalized Black and Nigga? It’s because I love y’all. 

I don’t know when it became cool not to love a woman. Maybe it was after Chief Keef’s “Don’t Like” Video where 20 odd dirty, teenage mutant ninja niggas danced violently in a small apartment filled with mid smoke and must. Maybe it was after groups of young men started to swivel their hips at each other in public settings opposed to speaking to women. Who knows! 

Point being, there is absolutely nothing wrong with loving a woman to the full extent of expression. It may because I’m a little older and wiser that I once was, but I think the phrases “These bitches ain’t shit” “We don’t love these hoes” and “Fuck bitches, Get money “ were misinterpreted and taken out of context. 

I think the true meanings of the above statements are “Choose your women wisely” “Don’t give love to those who don’t deserve it” and “Enjoy sex with women while in the pursuit of financial freedom.” 

Love is beautiful. What is wrong is being a bitch about it, letting love make you weak or letting love influence you to stray away from your core values. Whether you know or not, women subconuously and consciously are attracted to strength, that’s why they test us the way that they do. So if you’re a whiny, crying, begging, Keith Sweat ass nigga, who’s ALWAYS telling her “Yes, Honey.” you’re probably going to go out bad. 

Firm and Fair is the way to go. Don’t be a pushover and don’t be stubborn, inconsiderate prideful asshole like me. (I got called all that this week. Not a pushover though.

One of the reasons that we think women do things for our attention and praise is because of how much we do for the slightest gaze from them. Projection at its finest. Now do the things you do for yourself as a man make you happy? Absolutely. Fresh haircuts, riding in a nice car, dope threads, all that! But how much is for you and how much is for the hoes? Ask yourself. 

In my personal opinion? It’s about 55/45, but I’m a narcissist, so my viewpoint may be skewed. The average guy though? 40% for himself and 60% for the women, EASY. Rims on the car, Cologne, tailored suits, heated seats, working overtime, silk pillows and satin sheets. It’s all for the women, every single bit of it. 

You shouldn’t be ashamed and here’s why. 

There’s only one entity on the planet with the trait in their DNA to produce every other race on the face of the earth. That entity, that being, is the Black woman. (Look up the “Eve Gene”) Now considering the aforementioned statement, plus the fact that humanity originated in Africa and throw in that the only place where the spiritual and physical world meets is in the womb – then you understand that the Black Woman is literally the closest thing to God on the planet. 


Asian women are perming their straight hair so it’ll nap up like hers. White women are laying in the sun for hours and getting artificial color sprayed on them daily to look like her. Kylie Jenner is getting her lips stuffed weekly to look like her. Kim Kardashian’s entire lower body was manufactured to look like her. See where I’m going? 

You ever watch your honey walk to the bathroom in the morning? Have you ever seen Cleopatra in the mirror getting ready for a night on the town? How about when you roll over in the middle of the night at 4:27 am and squeeze on her? Think about how every part of her is soft and warm. How her hair smells of Shea Moisture and her skin of  honey, brown sugar and cinnamon. Laying in the bed smelling like a fucking woman cookie.

We spend a large part of our prime seeking a worthy partner to birth our children and make our house a home. Don’t let the media or weak ass influencers tell you that something is wrong with loving a woman. 

We swipe on tinder. We double tap on Instagram and stare at photos for hours daily. We slide in direct messages on Twitter. We try to speak to women anywhere! Religious settings, grocery stores, gas stations, ANYWHERE. If you were on your deathbed and your nurse had a fat ass, you’d try and kick some pimping. So In actuality, yes. Yes, we do love these hoes, and don’t you ever fucking forget it. 

Oh yeah, this is my first article in a while. 

Did you miss me? 

International Malcolm 

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