2am in East Atlanta. 

You know, it’s funny that I’m pursuing a career in writing when I used to run away from it so adamantly. My father is a screen writer and my mother is a poet. To avoid being in the shadow of my father, I leaned more towards music opposed to literature, in attempt to be my own man. Crazy thing is, I’m the better writer with less effort. 

I apologize for the spaced out posts and lack of consistency as of late, winners. I’m writing two books and a film, so my head is elsewhere. I’ll never forget about my core fan base though, ever. I’ve decided to write my thoughts out for the evening in an attempt to clear my head whilst entertaining you all. I was over on Twitter speaking my mind and realized that I was giving away entirely too many free thoughts. 

It’s very quiet in my bedroom currently. Only the faint buzzing of the ceiling fan and the crackle of a single candle are feeding my sonic needs. Those things and the soft taps of my thumbs on my iPhone. My bed has the distinct smell of my girlfriend all over it. It seems as if she goes out of her way to smell like a cookie every day. Speaking of, it’s always interesting to see how other women react to you having a girlfriend. I’ve had women stop reading my work just because I’m in a relationship now. Random texts in the middle of the night, sudden confessions of love and shit. It’s utterly ridiculous. It seems as if women don’t want you until they see that someone else does. 

I think it’s beautiful how we as humans can internalize thoughts and ideas. As you read this, there’s a 90% chance that you’re speaking to yourself in your own head. Isn’t that marvelous? I wonder who’s voice you’re using. I like to read things in the voice of a person who I think would make it sound the coolest. Just imagine Puff Daddy as a preacher or Ray Lewis reading a menu. The brain is so amazing. As I’m writing this I’m having thought after thought about my next sentence, paragraph, even what picture I’m going to use for this. 

Minimalism is really the wave. Speaking of, Drake is such a wave rider. He finds whoever currently has the sauce and strategically keeps himself relevant by collaborating. Think about it. Versace, Tuesday, Tony Montana, My Way, etc etc. Now a whole tape with future? We see you Aubrey. Also, I really hope future doesn’t overdose. It’s obvious that he’s dealing with some serious demons via groupies and drugs, I hope he pulls through. You know what they say about stars though, “it’s better to burn out, than fade away.” 

The previous paragraph about how you can be in your head was meant to end in a point. You never truly know what someone is going through. Some people have amazing poker faces. A motherfucker is walking around with the weight of the world on his shoulders, and you wouldn’t think he has a care in the world. I’m a firm believer that who you are in tense moments is who you are in reality. High pressure situations are for the strong of heart. 

I wonder if women know the things that we do to keep them happy. The things we go through, the thought and effort. I think every woman should go through a social experiment and deal with a woman closely so they know what we deal with on a daily. It’s all good though, such is life. Not complaining, just expressing myself. 

Isn’t it crazy how social media has become a part of the personality?  Fuck. Hey, I have to go. I’ll post something on Monday. Maybe ill finish this up. Who knows. 

Until next wave.. (“I actually got this tag line from my best friend Dro Hayes. He used to call himself Wavy Crockett when we were in college. He does a lot of visual work for the blog.)

– International Malcolm, Neiman Malcolm, Malc Lauren, Malc Disick, Black Danny Ocean, Young Fat Diddy. All that. 

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