Why We Let Our Friends Cheat 

So, this question came across my timeline the other day, and I decided to indulge a bit.

If you’re a human being there’s a chance that you’ve cheated before in your life. If you haven’t cheated, which I think is a lie, you’ve thought about it. Even if you think you haven’t cheated, you probably have by doing something that your partner would find undesirable, but that’s an entire different rabbit hole. The point here is, everyone does wrong, and if you’re under 30 like I am, your chances of being ain’t shit skyrocket. Or maybe no one is shit, I digress. 
“Why do y’all let your homeboys cheat?”


Niggas talk, especially close friends. Contrary to popular belief, niggas really have some heart to hearts and confide in each other on deep emotional levels. Even the most gangsta nigga you can think of has had an in depth conversation with his right hand man. If a friend is cheating on his woman, chances are we’ve already said something to him. “Bra, you got a solid woman at home. Why you out here wilding?” 

Because he wants to. 
The nigga knows that he’s wrong, indubitably. The thing is, he doesn’t fucking care. He’s going to do what the fuck he wants to regardless of what anyone says. In addition to that, if you’re consistently calling your friend out on his infidelity, it raises several questions. 

“Why you care so much? You want my bitch or something? Nigga is you gay?”

Most of the time, we call our homeboy out on his infidelity, the nigga says “Yeah, I need to stop.” And we continue talking about how good his side chicks’ pussy is as we drink beer. What am I supposed to do? Bust in the room like the Koolaid man every time he’s about to cheat? Hell no. 
It Ain’t My Business/To Save Headache.

Being the wingman of a cheater also equates to being the scapegoat of his relationship problems. Gentlemen, how many times have we received this call or text? 

Now when his woman asks you where he is cause he not answering, and you lie, then she sees him at Taco Tuesday with his side bitch, shit hits the fan for EVERYBODY. What my homeboy does on the side ain’t my business unless he tells me. Even if he does tell me, that’s the extent of it. I got enough hoe problems and I’ll compound them by getting involved with my cheating ass homeboy and whatever the hell he has going on. Dragging your homie into your relationship problems is selfish and inconsiderate. Unless you owe them, which leads me to my next point. 
Pot Calling the Kettle Black. 

“How you gone call me out for some shit that you do? Hypocritical ass nigga.”
How can I call my homie out for cheating or see his actions as problematic when I’m doing or have done the same thing? It’s absolutely impossible for me to pass judgment. How can I get upset when he asks me to help him cheat when he has done the same for me? 

If my dog asks me to hold him down while he cheats on his shorty, then it’s my obligation as a good friend to oblige. It’s almost guaranteed that he’s done it. Even when you get a real girlfriend and want to get high and mighty, just remember who came and saved you when Tanisha almost caught you fucking Courtney two months ago. 

In essence, us letting our friends cheat isn’t a result of us being shitty friends or bad people, but a product of loyalty. Even though that his girlfriend is an extension of him, my loyalty ultimately lies with my friend. What he does is on him. A bad friend would try and dry Pimp, and take his girl away through hating and snitching. Sitting there being the shoulder to cry on, attacking while Vunerable. Making her think she chose the wrong friend. 

That’s the wrong thing to do. Stay loyal, stick to your word. And ladies, we’ll stop cheating one day. Probably when y’all Do. Always remember NASHAE. 

Niggas ain’t shit, hoes ain’t either. 

Until next wave..

International Malcolm. 

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