International Player’s Article: I Choose You. 

Ladies and gentlemen aka sluts and savages, I have a disclaimer. This article is based on data I’ve reviewed from myself other men who I know very closely. This doesn’t speak for all of us, but I think it speaks for a whole lot. If you’re an exception, shut up, fuck you and keep reading. 

You can’t turn a hoe into a housewife. This is a common phrase used by people of all ages. But is it a misconception? 

What one has to understand is that every single woman has some hoe in them. It’s a part of the psyche. How well one suppress the hoe inside of them is circumstantial, but it’s there, indubitably. One either embraces, acknowledges and controls the inner-hoe or unsuccessfully attempts to suppress it completely, resulting in system failure and or a hoe-splosion commonly known as the hoe phase. This isn’t a one way street or some sexist ideal either. We men not only have hoe in us, but a different level of hoe that I like to call the savage. The type of savagery that’ll make you drive across town with bad tags and no insurance for some pussy. The savagery that will make you take the condom off without her knowing, skeet on her ottoman and eat her leftovers before you leave. The type of savagery that’ll make you cum on a woman’s face then set her shoes outside the door so she’ll leave. I know. I shouldn’t have done that.


The truth is, you want to be wth a person who has some hoe in them, because hoes are fun. Good girls and nice guys won’t let you fuck/ fuck you in a dressing room on a Sunday morning. Girls that are too nice don’t suck dick well. This is a fact. Where’s the monster inside of you? I trust no one with no issues or vices. The struggle lies within choosing a partner with the right amount of monster in them. The amount of monster you can handle. 

The other day while we were laying in bed, my woman asked me why I chose her. She asked me the male thought process behind choosing a mate. She wanted a look inside the mind of the man. I gave her a run down, and while I was doing it, I decided that the remainder of the female population who listens to me should hear it as well. 

Niggas are simple. We are men, providers and hunters by nature. When we see a woman we want, the first thing we see is beauty, body or both. Now there are times where this process in a different order, but the bullet points remain the same. So, pretty face, big titties, hips, fat ole ass, first thing we see. This is the initial attraction. After that, we start to observe the intricacies. Clothes, hair, shoes, teeth and all that. It’s almost as if it’s the other side of the brain kicking in after the immediate shock of beauty or body has worn off. Next, we go into flight or fight. We’re either going to look the other way or try to find an in! It’s crazy how the mind of a man works when we’re hunting. Either we approach you or we stay quiet. If we approach you, then we’re hunting you seeking conversation to see where it leads. To be honest, the very first thought is that we want to fuck you. That’s what this is all based around. One of the reasons that we love women with fat asses is because that’s a physiological trait that is assoicated with being an amazing child bearer. Yes, women with fat asses carry children better. It’s fucking lit. Anyway, We don’t know if you’re worthy of anything else until we start talking. Conversation is absolutely everything to us. Conversation and chemistry. Every single woman is the same in our mind until a conversation starts. From the chick that works at our local had station to Beyoncé. We decide whether we want to do anything other than cum based on convo and chemistry. 

If the convo and chemistry are clicking, then we are impressed. “Wow, I want to fuck her and I’m interested in her. This is wonderful! Absolutely… Sensational.” 

They say that men talk themselves out of vagina. Women talk themselves out of relationships. These are funny statements because it shows the endgame of the average person. It shows what society thinks we seek. Anyway, after we’ve had sex with a woman, things always change. Whether it’s for better or worse, the exchange of spiritual energy is imminent and things will never be the same. We always have to sample the pussy after we’re interested a woman to see what we’re getting into or if it’s worth the headache. That’s just how things work. 

Now, if the sex is good, we’re interested and attracted to you, it’s really time to move forward. We want to see if you really about the shit you talk. This is when we start testing you word. Are you really a patient, loving, caring woman? Are you really not crazy? Can you really cook, or where you just kicking game? 

Now. If she’s passed all of the previous qualifications and no red flags have jolted through the ground, it’s time to push them through. It’s time for emotional warfare, turmoil. We as men have to fuck with you ladies, I’m sorry. We have to see if you’re a ride or die, how you behave in pressure situations, what you’ll do when the heat is on. Will you stand in the fire with me? Or run away as soon as shit gets tough. We have to push you to the breaking point to really and truly diagnose your character. Turmoil is the great equalizer. In moments of distress, you are who you really are, and I can’t have babies with no losers. 

In closing, I’ll say this. As much as society thinks we men are just bumbling, brute idiots, we aren’t. The truth is that we have a truly intricate process of choosing a partner. We are breeders by nature. Seeking the best bang for our biological, emotional and spiritual buck, so to speak. Deal with what you can handle, and remember that sometimes what you love may not be good for you. 

Niggas ain’t shit, hoes ain’t either. Luck favors the prepared and always remember..
Fortune favors the bold. 
Until next wave. 
International Malcolm 

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