iPhone Dependency

“You always on that phone doing whatever it is the fuck you doing.” 

I literally just heard these words, and they sparked a thought. I am completely and totally addicted to my iPhone. I have separation anxiety when I’m away from it, shit, I can barely stand to be away while it charges.. Unless I’m sleep. Just now, no less than 5 minutes ago, my woman held my phone in her hand as I held a book in mine. We were sitting in the bed discussing the intricacies and minutia of my first book while comparing and contrasting to a similar novel. Every time she made a point or had something to say, I would put the book down, look at her and give my undivided attention. She gave me my phone back and all that shit went out the window. I immediately started responding to texts and googling things, this obviously pissed her off. Even in the midst of her scolding me, rightfully so, I still picked my phone up once or twice. The crazy thing is I was doing this unknowingly, as if common courtesy didn’t exist. 

I’ve come to the conclusion that we have become entirely dependent on our phones. If the entire world went dark tomorrow, what would we do? How would we find our way to a new restaurant or check the weather? 

Phones are only called phones because that’s the main function of the device. In all honesty, the phone is more of extension of yourself than anything else in this world is. All your true thoughts are stored in your notes. The unspeakable or taboo things that you search for on the Internet when no one is looking. The songs that no one knows you like but you, photos and videos that bring back videos immediately. Your phone is actually a second handheld brain. Every day we walk around with all the information known to man in our pockets. Do you understand that? 

Think about the small heart attack you have when you drop your phone. Those dramatic, aching four seconds where you lift it up off the ground to see if the screen is cracked. The intense feeling of anxiety that rushes through our bodies if we leave our phone in the car or put it in a different pocket than normal. Lord forbid it get wet! Put it in rice! Put it in the oven! Anything to save the phone. 

Our phones are everything to us. Camera, financial advisor, calculator, television, record player, everything. We as a society have effectively managed to consolidate everything into a handheld device. That’s remarkable in itself. Shit, I’m writing this on my phone! 

I was without my phone for 6 days a few months back and I felt completely cut off from the world. I was using my xbox to communicate via social media. At my day job in my office on the company phones talking to my loved ones. My gateway to the world had been shut, and I didn’t no how to cope. I couldn’t even function properly. Old habits die hard, and I reached for my left pocket, every 30 or so seconds on CUE, just to be disappointed every time. 

The Innovations in technology in this day and age are absolutely phenomenal. We create more data on a daily basis than humanity did for thousands of years. What we can’t do, and as I remind you, I remind myself, is stay addicted to this. Don’t let your phone turn you into an anti-social, inconsiderate asshole. 

Luck favors the prepared, fortune favors the bold. 

Sorry Dany, I love you. 

International Malcolm 

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