Relationship Tips From a Married Man. 

My best friend, my brother, the Ace to my Money Makin’ Mitch is a Happily married man. Considering that he’s 6 years of commitment, 2 children and 2 homes in, I often solicit relationship advice from him. It’s like having a cheat code or game informer magazine. I literally have a guidebook the same age as me. Fathers and Uncles do an amazing job, but the luxury of having someone who is engrossed in the same time and culture as you are is inexplicable. 

I can’t talk to my dad about snaps, Dm’s and read receipts. Shit’s a foreign language to him. But my best friend? Simple. 

So I’ve decided to share the information that he shared with me with you all. I’m letting Ace use me as a vessel. 

From a married man himself all the way to 500,000+ readers (Humble Flex) I proudly present..

Relationship Tips From a Married Man.

6. Keep Things Fresh. 

Men make the mistake of thinking that getting a woman is the hard part when in reality, the difficulty lies in keeping them. Don’t let things get stale, stay on your toes, keep her excited and interested and she’s yours forever. If there’s never a problem, something’s wrong. 

5. You’re Going to Start From Square 1 a Million Times. 

Don’t get discouraged. Both of you are  going to mess up or get aggravated with one another to the point where you feel like it’s useless but you can’t be scared to start over. You have to remember who has your best interest at heart & who had your back when you were down & vice versa. 

4.  Arguing is Normal 

Six years I’ve been married. Six years, two lives I’m responsible for and my wife and I still argue about the ketchup being in the refrigerator. It’s always going to be something. Take things in stride, and learn how to agree to disagree. 
3. Play the Middle-Ground

Women are beings of balance. Give too much and you’re soft. Don’t give enough and you’re an asshole. Ignore her and it’ll get worse. Give in to emotional warfare and now you’re angry. The best way to be is solid. Remember that. 

2. Accept Your Role as the Bad Guy. 

You could do 99/100 things right, but the one thing you did wrong will be the worst shit ever. It’s always going to be your fault. You always could’ve prevented something. The sooner you understand and acknowledge this, the smoother your life will be. Women are infallible and will rarely admit to being wrong. In a relationship you can either be right or happy. Choose one. 

1. Love Her to the Max NOW.

 Don’t wait until you almost lose her to want to show your appreciation. Don’t take one moment for granted. I hate to sound cliche, but Tomorrow isn’t promised and someone died today without telling their woman how much they love them. Whenever it gets ugly remember those good times, grab a handful of ass and apologize. Your woman was born with a built in stress ball. Use it. 

Be with the person you love and the person that loves you. Everyone has their bullshit and you’re a fool if you think that every single day is going to be a good one. 

Remember, luck favors the prepared and fortune favors the bold. 

Until next wave.. 


Ace and Mitch. 

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