Pre-Dating and Pretentiousness. 

Don’t you ever wonder why Hillary Banks didn’t give Jazzy Jeff any play? In real life, it sounds like a match made in heaven. Spoiled rich girl from Bel Air, Fly ass hood nigga from Philly who is also her little cousin’s best friend? Pregnancies happen this way every day in America.

Jazz failed because of his lack of finesse. He was entirely too forward and not tactful enough.

This happened in the 90’s, but it’s a damn shame that it’s still going on.

In the wonderful year of our Lord, 2016, niggas have absolutely lost their minds. I am a  cocky bastard with insanely high standards, but I recently saw something that appalled even me.

I am a graduate of the University of Experience. I obtained my Doctorate in Women’s Psychology, Masters in Manipulation and a bachelors in Human Relations over a 25-year tenure.

I don’t care what you say, this type of behavior is absolutely unacceptable in the young, black, player community. Not only are you breaking the code but also making yourself look like a jackass. I expect more from my fellow men.

Pre-Date? You asked a woman on a pre-date? What the fuck is a pre-date? You may as well have said: “Hey, I think you’re worthless. How about we go somewhere where I can spend little to no money just in case you aren’t shit like I think you are.” 

Not only is it rude, but it’s distasteful and insulting to your own kind. Where is your finesse? Your tact? Everyone knows that women only want you to keep it real with them when they ask you to. I wrote about that months ago!

With the exceptions of no confidence and terrible hygiene, the fastest way to dry dick land is through insult/injury. It’s so easy to hurt women or turn them off that you have to tread lightly within a reasonable margin, unless you’re rich, of course 😉.

You never ever, ever, ever make a woman feel cheap or worthless, even if you think she is. Despite what your angle may be (text, direct message, in person) You approach with a neutral level of respect (as you should with any human being) and go from there.

If she turns you off and you don’t want to move forward, simply end the conversation and move on with your life. If she turns you off and the monster inside of you still wants to engage in intercourse, don’t do or say anything that will lessen your chances of achieving your goal. Remember the endgame, always.

You know what would damper your opportunity to get some? Asking her on a fucking “Pre-Date”. I apologize if this article is more profane than the average one, but I am appalled by and disgusted with this abysmal behavior.

The first date is a pre-date, you asshole. It’s when you feel her out and pick her brain. Even if you feel like going out is going to be a waste of your time you still create the facade or illusion that you give a fuck.

There’s an etiquette for shit like this, going out with women who you aren’t fully comfortable with.

Why not just take her to a nice, inexpensive spot where the two of you can talk, eat and have a couple of beers? Take her on a walk with some nice scenery after a reasonably priced dinner so you can feel her out. Then, based on the experience you can decide whether you want to spend some more money on her whether it be that night, or on another date.

Or, OR you can do what I do. Take a woman who you are unsure about to one of YOUR favorite places so if the date goes left, you can still have a great time on your own.

I remember I had a young lady who I was unsure about meet me at Dave and Buster’s. As the date consistently continued to go left, I politely told her that she could leave. She called me an ass and left.  I ended up getting drunk, playing Ghost Protocol and eating a cheesesteak. Not a bad night at all.

Point is, don’t ever ask a woman on a pre-date. Just fucking take her out. Get your shit together fellas, you making us look bad out there.

Until next wave, always remember…

Luck favors the prepared, humans ain’t shit and fortune favors the bold.


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