I Too am in Love With a Psychopath.

This article is me taking advantage of an opportunity. I heard someone once say that the greats aren’t only talented, but lucky and have a good sense of timing. You need to do your best work under the brightest lights when everyone is watching.

This morning I set my twitter timeline on fire with a few hot takes derived from personal experiences from dealing with women consistently. Because of the type of man that I am, I’ve dealt with a plethora of different women. Dancers, Models, Actresses, Athletes, Students, Foreign, Domestic, Northern, Southern, and anything else you can think of, I have probably experienced in my twenty five year tenure. In my youth I used to think that I attract psychotic  women, when the reality is that all women are crazy but it takes a special type of person to unlock it. Now once this crazy is unlocked, it varies by woman how intense it is. Some women are level 4, cursing and crying crazy. Others are level 10, put your dick in a blender while you’re sleep crazy. It all depends on the woman.

Now, the reason that I’m writing this particular article, with the exception of educating and entertaining, is to soothe the frustration of the man and the anxiety of the woman. let me expound.

There’s a point in a relationship where the gloves and headgear come off, and you see what you’re really dealing with. It happens right after the honeymoon period and during former you may have seen signs of it, but the other party quickly hid that part of themselves and ya’ll kept pushing. Now, YOU THOUGHT that the inkling of crazy that you saw while you two were in the infatuation stage was the worst of it. WRONG. Whether it be sex, time, experiences or utter emotion, something unlocks that full blown crazy.

From a male perspective, if you aren’t used to dealing with psychosis on a consistent basis, you are going to become annoyed, quickly. I am one of the most patient motherfuckers amongst my group of peers and even I become flustered by my woman’s antics sometimes.  Or you’re try and fool yourself with the ideology that you don’t have to deal with this, you can leave. That only applies if the level of crazy is too much for you to tolerate. Yes, you can always leave. but switching women does not grant you immunity to insanity. It may be milder, it may be in a different form, but trust.. the crazy is present. The crazy is brewing, sitting like a batch of tea just waiting to be poured.

Point is, don’t think that you’re the only man dealing with foolishness, we all are! How you react, is the key. You have to get to a good place where you truly know your partner. Being in a relationship as a man is altering your brain to cater to the particular crazy of your woman. You cannot combat logic with emotion and you never should try. It’s what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object.  The best that you can do is attempt to understand the crazy and where it’s coming from.

Women are very complex creatures. Often, nothing is cut and dry with them, there’s always an angle. I don’t know if its brain function or emotional interference, but it seems like they like to communicate emotionally more than they do verbally. During conversation, sex and whatever else you practically have to be a mind reader when dealing with them in order to prosper. It’s so intriguing how we are so much alike, yet so different at the same time.

Instead of saying that they miss you so much that they want to die, they pick a fight to invoke emotion. Instead of asking for attention, they act all pissy, then start an argument. Opposed to telling you exactly what they want to eat (because they fucking know) they see if you know them well enough to pick the place that they want to go to, test you to see if you’re strong enough to take the lead and make a decision, or measure your cognitive ability, seeing if you’ve paid enough attention to the hints that they’ve been dropping.

It’s just a part of life.

To the women who know that they posses the crazy gene, it’s okay. You aren’t the only one who creates scenarios in their head, side eye waitresses, gets angry at dreams or expect your man to read your mind, literally. These are traits that all women posses. If your man loves you not only will he deal with you, but he’ll learn how to in the most intricate way possible. When you do act crazy, just apologize after the emotion subsides, by the man some Jordan’s and suck his dick real good. All will be forgiven.

So Until next wave!

Fortune Favors the Bold.

  • International Malcolm


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