You Are All Selfish and Insecure. 

 There’s no such thing as a free lunch or a safe bet. 

The more that I observe the mindset of certain people the more I realize how lost, lonely and ridiculous they are. Every week something new has happened on social media, steering conversation and creating friction between the sexes. 

People are so afraid of being used and rejected that they allow the aforementioned fear to guide them in the majority of their dealings with the opposite sex. 

The truth of the matter is that Love is a gamble in general. We are all self serving creatures by nature, so every time you call yourself “loving” someone else, it’s a crap-shoot. 

An old player once told me that love is the easy part. He told me that every one of his women love him and even though he may not show it, that he loves every one of them back. He said that he may love them in other ways than that of romance, but there was love none the less. He finished his monologue by telling me that Relationships are much more difficult than love is. 

I firmly believe that. Whether it’s on the first date or the day after the honeymoon things don’t get difficult until you have to deal with issues. 

The majority of these issues stem from suppressed insecurities. Insecurities so prevalent that people can barely go on a decent first date without worrying about being taken advantage of. 

I think it’s hilarious how both genders have a sense of entitlement and get angry at the other gender for it. 

Men: “I just spent $XXX.XX on this date. I deserve some sex! Bitch ain’t gone get a free meal out of me!” 

Women: “I look good! My ass is fat! I deserve a $XXX.XX dinner whether I want to have sex or not! All men care about is sex!”

Wrong and wrong. You never get what you deserve, only what you negotiate. 

Sex and money. If you strip down all the social norms, morals, gender roles and bullshit, what is it really about? 

Men want to provide and women want to be taken care of. This is in our innate Wiring. That’s why it’s such a big deal when a woman pays for something or reciprocates, because neither party is used to it. 

Regardless of all the rebuttals, rhetoric and thinkpieces, women are indubitably creatures of comfort. They desire to be taken care of, spoiled and pampered  while nurturing. 

This is a contributor to why entire articles are written and the Internet catches on fire when women are put in a position to do or pay for anything, it makes them uncomfortable, and they interpret it as weakness from the male. 

People would rather put on impenetrable airs of righteousness than to be honest with themselves or one another. 

 It’s better to say “Hey, I’ve taken entirely too many losses financially investing money in interactions with women who weren’t interested in me. I’m a little insecure about dating.” OR “I’ve had my share of shitty experiences with men. I just want to have a nice meal and a good talk without worrying about having to pay or being required to have sex. I just want to feel special.” 

Communication is the #1 key to success in relation to connecting with other human beings and dealing with the opposite sex is almost like learning another language. So many things become lost in translation because we as humans don’t like to reveal our weaknesses and insecurities. 

Everyone is out here just trying not to get their ego bruised or feelings hurt. 

It’s clear that a lot of women love dick and money more than men, and that even more men love pussy and hate women. 

Remember, everytime you make an acrimonious statement about the opposite sex or dating, you show your hand. Don’t let your insecurities eat you alive. 

Until next time 

-International Malcolm

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