Beauty is in the Eye of the Uploader. 

“It’s easy to choose a quality woman when they all trying to look alike.” 

In this day and age it seems as if there is this  archetype for the ideal woman and the aesthetic is generally the same: 

  • Light eyes
  • Full Lips
  • An “Exotic” skin tone
  • Messy Bun or Curly Fro
  • Dark, well filled in eyebrows 
  • Fat ass
  • Fat titties
  • Little to no stomach 
  • Small feet
  • Olive green, nude or grey body suit, etc. 

Millions of pictures of seemingly flawless women flood the information superhighway and warp the minds of the people. The men are tricked  into believing that all women should look like this particular prototype and the women are manipulated into believing that they aren’t beautiful if they don’t fit that look. 

In reality, this particular “look” is just one type of beauty and it shouldn’t be acknowledged as the standard. 

This is an interesting topic. 

Relations between the sexes have always been turbulent in relation to beauty. It’s a conflict of interest. Men always want to have some say in how a woman looks. Naturally men are entitled narccists so we believe that everything women do is for us. “We don’t like all that weave!” “You don’t always have to put on a face full of makeup!” So on, and so forth. Women always fire back stating that they can do what they want and they don’t do it for male attention. 

Personally, I think that’s bullshit. 

I know that the attention and the gaze of men has a whole lot to do with the way that women try to look. I also know that attention is power and beauty commands attention. What you have to understand is that In some way, shape or form Most women desire to be the alpha female, colloquially “That bitch” if you will. One of the fastest ways to achieve this status is to be the most beautiful motherfucker in the room. 

People have become millionaires behind beauty. Entire wars have occurred because of a beautiful woman. 

It makes them feel powerful. 

Prime example, they get fine as fuck, go to the club and curve niggas all night or shake ass on their friends. It makes them feel good. Its invigorating to be extremely desired while maintaining the ability to say no. 

Now I know that when I as a man go get a haircut, new outfit or some jewelry that it’s not only about the attention of women, but about the way that It makes me feel. 

So it’s not all about the opposite sex, but it damn sure isn’t all about how you feel either. 

I think it’s hilarious how some Women complain about men’s standards for beauty being ridiculous then go and try to conform to said standards. It’s a revolving door. Honey, your best bet is to be yourself as best as possible and find a man that really rocks with you. 

Now I understand that women have the right to do whatever they choose, but these ridiculously high standards and the innate desire of the woman to be the most beautiful has them literally mutilating themselves. 

Blacc Chyna and Kim Kardashian are fine as fuck, but the majority of their physical attributes are unnatural, enhanced and or manufactured. Kylie Jenner has an entire generation trying to look like her and she isn’t even real, just an emulation of a black woman. 

I hate to sound cliche, but beauty really is internal. If a woman doesn’t think she looks good, she will never feel like she will. Even if she does get plastic surgery, fat grafting and a nose job, she could be the finest motherfucker this side of the equator, if she doesn’t see it herself, then it’s all in vain. 

I just need women to know that even if they don’t fit the aforementioned archetype that they are still beautiful. I’m going to tell you something from experience. A plethora of those “IG Models” and “Tumblr Queens” only have their beauty to offer. 

Imagine you do bag one of these ultra-fine tumblr women, and the only thing she’s good at is taking selfies. It’s an empty feeling. 

So until next time always remember

Even if you don’t look like Draya Michele you’re still fine as fuck in your own right, all flaws aren’t external and fortune favors the bold. 

international Malcolm 

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