Cheaters Always Prosper

“Remember Kobe cheated on his? Same ring.” 

-Dom Kennedy 

As I’ve stated before, love is beautiful because is makes absolutely no sense. We as human beings are self-serving creatures, therefore the ideology of caring for a mate more than oneself is completely irrational. 
Those Innate desires to feed natural human narccicism don’t just fade away. 

If you factor in biology and sexuality, cheating on your partner actually makes more sense than being monogamous for both sexes. Men naturally want to spread as many seeds as possible to continue our bloodlines and women are consistently looking for the most worthy mate to impregnate them while being showered in gifts and money from multiple angles. 

He or she who cares the least about the relationship and the most about themselves is in control. 

The narcissist will always prevail in a relationship. It’s practically impossible to get your feelings hurt if you care about yourself more than your counterpart. A cheater usually isn’t a dishonorable person, but rather a selfish one. The cheater cares more about fulfilling their own desires than they do someone else’s feelings. 

In addition to that, when your partner suspects you of cheating, no matter what you say, it makes you feel powerful. The attention you receive, having control over the emotions of another, knowing that they care, knowing that they’re afraid to lose you. 

The benefits of cheating seemingly outweigh the consequences. I mean, you got a partner at home going crazy over you, some new sex out in the streets and your feelings aren’t at risk. Sounds great! 

What we have to understand is that no matter how much we love someone or how much they say that they love us, they’re going to do exactly what they want to do. Especially if there’s no foreseeable risk of getting caught. 

And that’s the number one rule of cheating, don’t get caught. 

And even if you do get caught it can work out in your favor. If your partner stays, you know you can get away with it. If they leave, you already have a rebound on deck! 

But it’s not the right thing to do. 

What exactly is cheating? People love to say “It ain’t cheating if you ain’t married!” Personally, I think that’s bullshit and a cop out. You definitely know right from wrong. 

In my personal opinion I think that cheating ranges anywhere from intent all the way to raw sex. Snapchats, text messages, InstaDM, all that. Any entertained advances, or anything of that nature constitutes as cheating in my eyes. Conspiracy to commit murder is a felony just like Murder in the first degree. 

The true question is if we found out that we’ve been cheated on, are we more upset at the dishonor and betrayal or that we got beat to the punch? Are we hurt that our lover stepped out or are we angry that we didn’t love ourselves more to explore our options? 

I’m not saying it’s right, but I’m saying that it’s real. 

Would you rather be the person drinking and crying in the middle of the night, or the motherfucker sneaking around with multiple partners eating all types of delectable foods and having fun? 

Who knows. It’s all speculation. 🙂 

Like I always say, luck favors the prepared and fortune favors the bold. 

International Malcolm 

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