White God Complex 

He died on that podium for me. 
The existence of Jesus Christ is questionable, debatable and truly a matter of opinion, where as his existence is concrete, consistent and verifiable. 

Whenever my life gets difficult I reference his autobiography for guidance and understanding. My father planted several ideologies into my brain as a child just as he planted his book onto my shelf knowing that one day I would pick it up and read the title, wondering why he named me after him..


The spirit is inside me. 

I’ve been preparing this dissertation for quite some time now. I didn’t want to compose while completely emotional. That makes for venom-spewing, aggressive writing. I’m glad that I waited to walk, think, and organize my thoughts before procuring this. 
I’ve read several think pieces and expressions since the two most recent murders of BLACK civilians by police officers and the content has been repetitive. the last thing I want to talk about is what everyone knows, even if it’s in an awesome, better-than-everyone-else fashion. 

I don’t know which instance of racism and police brutality that I’ve experienced to share. 

I could talk about the time my dearest uncle and father came to fisticuffs with two white officers at a high school wrestling match for hurling racial slurs. My most vivid memory from that event is my mother running, screaming and crying while carrying me as I watched my father bleed. Or the time I was taken to the police station, booked and fingerprinted for facetiously putting Parmesan cheese in a police officer’s drink at CiCi’s Pizza. Or the time that I was harassed by Cobb County officers because I was driving a BMW while black. Ooh! Or the time that got pulled over for running a yellow light on graduation day and the cop proceeded to cuff me and search my car as I sat on the ground in my cap and gown. 

These are fairly mild instances compared to some of the things my friends, family and peers have been through. I have a buddy doing 15-life for defending himself against a white mob. There were three men who fought against that mob that night. The two Black Americans won’t see parole until 2024. Their Caucasian “friend” never saw a day in court. 

The majority of black men have experiences like this to share. 

It’s difficult for the masses of the Caucasian population to sympathize or understand the black person because they aren’t able to relate. 

I’ll expound. 

The average Caucasian is treated so well and awarded so many opportunities by the system that they either cannot or refuse to see that it’s flawed. It’s almost like dealing with a rich, spoiled child who’s never left the community that they own. Privilege is like water to them. 
See, the police are public servants to white people, but not to me. A 26 year old Caucasian can curse out any officer, meanwhile I have to tread lightly. I know that every time that I’m pulled over or in any type of interaction with the police that I have a 33% chance of going home. If not I’m dying or going to jail. 

A white boy isn’t thinking like that. 

I have questions. 

 Why is it that whenever black people decide to have a community or place of our own that the white man has a problem with it. 

“We don’t want you niggers around here!”

Okay we’re going to go away, love and live on our own and flourish. 

“Wait! You can’t leave! Blow it up!!!” 

I want to know why J. Edgar Hoover said that the unity of black people is the biggest threat to America. Is it their own guilt, Our immense power or both? 

Racism is ingrained so deeply into the psyche of the white man and the society that they can’t even realize when they are being racist. It’s like breathing. I know an overqualified black man who was denied a position at a job for whatever reason just for the exact same position to be taken by an under-qualified white man because his friend’s Dad runs that department. That’s racist. 

The Caucasian has been running around unchecked for so long that they have developed a long standing God Complex. 

The #BlackLivesMatter movement was almost immediately combatted by “All Lives Matter” thanks to the sense of entitlement and inclusion that most white people have. “GASP! How dare they not include us?!?” “How dare black people even think that they matter more than we do?” A protruding example of a mindset of supremacy. 

But how are you supreme when you’re just like me? 

The super elite have the average white person fooled, bamboozled, hoodwinked! They’re under the impression that their skin color grants them full privilege when in reality they’ve been pacified to prevent revolution. 

The super rich elite aren’t firefighters, bank tellers or punk ass police officers. They literally trade social security numbers and play with the national debt every day. They are on private jets discussing what new oil to mine and how the Saudis are such assholes. They brag different. The “Middle Class” is a Fucking sham. The majority of wealth in America is owned by 1% of the population. By mathematical standpoint that means you’re either insanely Fucking rich or different levels of poor. 

The point I’m trying to make is that if you’re a white person who isn’t of the 1% that you are simply a pawn or foot soldier. Opposed to hating the black man and considering yourself superior, you should really get in the trenches with us, the Latinos and Asians to really even this motherfucker out. 

It sucks right now because we’re going through it, but the black people shall rise again. The fact that Caucasians get nervous when Black Folks start to assemble is truly a compliment and a monument to our power. No offense to the other races, who are much better at organizing and consistency than we are, but when niggas get together? We shake up the world, every time. 

400 years of slavery, calculated systematic oppression, rape, pillaging, genocide, disease and still the strongest, coolest, most influential people on the planet. 

I would be scared too. 

Fuck the police and they system.  

International Malcolm 

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