We Treat Women How They Allow us To. 

I think that women truly underestimate how deliberate and calculating men are. The majority of young women don’t believe that they can be fooled and also that we act the way we do because we’re all stupid. 

Quite the contrare, we know exactly what we’re doing. 

Day after day I see or hear about women who are dissatisfied or seemingly fed up with the situationship that they choose to be in. “He does all these things and then says we aren’t together. Guys love to act like they’re your boyfriend, then say they aren’t.” Et cetera X 3. 

Baby, he’s not acting stupid, that man knows exactly what he’s doing.  If he hasn’t locked you down after weeks or months of fucking, it’s because he doesn’t want to (yet,sometimes). He’s giving you just enough time, Dick and attention to keep you around while only promising or feigning commitment and whatever else it is that you want.

Men will fake whatever you need them to be to achieve the goal, which is usually sex. 

Understand that there are reasons why a man isn’t giving you all of himself or the amount of himself that you desire. 

It could be that He’s really not that into you. Like I just mentioned in many cases, Men will fake whatever we need to in order to get some. Men are not beneath fucking women like pornstars while stringing them along with empty promises and dreams. As a matter of fact, it’s most men’s favorite past time. As terrible as it sounds, sometimes women get treated like pieces of meat. A guy can be way more into your sexual talents and reproductive organ than he is into you. 

Another possible reason why you’re getting all the dick and a fraction of the man is because he could have other women and he can only give a piece of himself. Contrary to popular belief, dealing with multiple women is stressful and expensive. Keeping up with all those birthdays, requests, attitudes, complaints and vaginas will take a toll on you. There’s a good chance that he’s giving you as much as he can, which is little to none. 

My final theory is a controversial one. 

You may like this treatment.

 I could go into a rant about how women love assholes and dickheads and what not, but it’s a tired narrative, I already wrote about it. I don’t know what it is, but several people have the strongest connections with the people who treat them like shit. “Treat em like dirt, they stick like mud.” Is an old Pimp quote. I think that lovers, women especially, love being in a state of emotional turmoil. It’s interesting, exciting, invigorating! Too much good love is boring. Women are either gloriously bathing in love, spinning in limbo, or cursing in resentful requests to be left alone.  

I’ll provide three songs which represent said emotions. 

Beyoncé Knowles-Carter’s “Love on Top.”

Teena Marie’s “Out on a Limb.” 

And finally. 

Fantasia Barrino’s “Free Yourself.”


We treat women how women allow us to treat them. If you stand up for yourself and demand more, either the man is going to get in line and provide that or leave you alone. Or he might act like he’s going to provide it and not follow through, thus creating a cycle. 

People prefer a familiar hell more than an unfamiliar heaven. You would rather be with someone who doesn’t love you opposed to being lonely. 

The choice is yours, sweetheart. 

Until Next Wave…

– International Malcolm

The Friday Night© Company. 2016. 

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