Talented Black Woman. 

If I told you that all this art, every pencil mark, ink line and brushstroke was created by the same person, would you believe me? 

Often imitated but impossible to duplicate, Kashmir Thompson’s work is the best thing since wifi. 

Based out of Atlanta, GA by way of OUR hometown of Cleveland, Ohio and A graduate of Cleveland’s illustrious school of the arts, (Who denied my admission, look at me now fuckers!) Kash is one of the best and most consistent artists that I’ve ever seen. 

Her infusion of minimalism and bright, bold themes somehow balance out to the perfect piece every time. It’s astounding how even with the faces of characters missing she can spark your memory enough to recognize them and also bring said pictures to life. 

The ingenious mix of pop culture and nostalgia allows her to connect with the consumer through not only the heart, but the soul. This is a tough task to accomplish without being corny or gimmicky, and Kash nails it every time like a Gabby Douglas landing. Her work practically invigorates the senses. The only way it could be better is if you could smell and taste the paintings. 

BUY HER SHIT AT https://t.co/Z0PdpnLhwy. 

International Malcolm 

The Friday Night © Company. 2016. 

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