What You Got? 

You want everything for nothing. 

Seriously. Your demands, requirements and requests rival the “rider” of an A-List celebrity on tour but you come to the table with an empty wallet, plated gold chain and open hands. Shit doesn’t work that way. 

Let’s be honest, you’re a man, so naturally that makes you an entitled narcissist. You have been programmed to believe that this entire society revolves around you. You parade around and breathe privileged air on the daily. Before you get all puffy in the chest, just hear me out.  I know, I get it, I deal with it too. This isn’t tired feminist rhetoric I’m spitting either, just keep up with me. 

Because of societal conditioning you believe that you deserve the baddest bitch of all time with little to no effort to get or keep her. 

Follow me now. 

I understand that women come a dime a dozen and that there are billions of them on the planet, but we aren’t talking about quantity, are we? You want Quality. You want a woman who looks like Lira Galore, cooks like Paula Deen’s racist ass, cleans and fucks you like Kakey. Oh yeah, and she can’t have any flaws either. 

Yeah, that makes sense. 

All the time we clown women for having unrealistic desires, but are ours any more tangible? 

The real question is What do you have to offer this woman? I mean seriously? You think being in a relationship is all porno sex and home cooked meals? Absolutely not. 

Having a woman is just as much a responsibility as it is a luxury. 

Can you provide stability? Can you put pride and ego aside in order to achieve a common goal? Can you be the safe haven for an overactive mind or impulsive personality? Can you properly lead and maintain a household? Can you be compassionate and understanding even when you’re angry? Can you accept responsibility for your actions? Can you allow yourself to lose an argument for the sake of the relationship? 

There are all questions that the exceptional young man needs to be asking himself. What sets you apart from the next cat? Most dick is in low demand and high quality. She can catch a nut and a meal anywhere. What makes you special?

If I wrote this properly, the women should be rolling their necks and snapping their fingers at this point. I project that I have received at least one “YAS” by now. 

The gag is, you all do the same shit and have the same ridiculous expectations that we do. 

You want a tall, handsome, third leg having, bearded, muscular, rich, faithful, intelligent thug with no children who thinks the sun rises out of and sets into your ass. 

You want him to pamper you and treat you like a queen, give you everything that you want all the time because you’re fine, and for what? A hot meal and some pussy? 

It takes more than that. 

Can you be there for him at his lowest point, in his darkest hour? Can he be vulnerable and naked with you? Emotionally naked, no secrets, no judgement. Can you build this man up? Are you mature enough to admit being wrong and own up to it? Are you showing your love and respect? 

Everyone has this long list of desires and demands but what are you offering!?!? The less you can do, the more replaceable you are. Beauty fades, then what? What’s unique about you guys’ connection that’s going to keep each other around? 

Tighten up, everyone. You wouldn’t show up to a party empty handed, would you? Then why show up to a relationship that way? 

Until Next Wave 

– International Malcolm 

The Friday Night© Company. 2016. 

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