The Frugal Flex 

I live in a city where it’s more than plausible to see T.I. at the grocery store. A city where It isn’t uncommon to see young Jeezy at a gas station or Future’s weed smoke coming through the roof of a Bentley coupe weaving through traffic.

As a matter of fact, the editor in chief of this website used to see Andre 3000 so much that when he and I went to see “Watch the Throne” back in August 2011, Andre broke stride to come and give dap, no bullshit.

This city is filled with literal legendary black millionaires and just like you’ll share the air with them in a public situation, you also will rub shoulders with the rich in casual encounters.

Being a setting like this will send your desire to stunt every chance you get through the roof. I’ve seen and personally participated in breaking oneself to look good for a weekend or one night, then being forced to eat ramen noodles and work overtime to get back right. 6 beautiful Instagram photos, a snapchat story and the numbers of 5 women who you have fooled into thinking you have money later, there’s .29 cents left in your account and you’re about to report your card as stolen.

There are multiple ways to look good and enjoy yourself without running through all your money, you just have to play the game in your lane.

Why go into Ruth Chris’ (Which is not even that fire) to stunt for social media when you’re going to not only ruin a steak by getting it cooked improperly, but also break your pockets and not enjoy yourself. You’re better off going to Fogo de Chao or the Steak and Bourbon bar, buying mounds of food and alcohol and truly living the experience.

If you have a $200 strip club budget, Don’t go to magic city on Monday night when Fucking Floyd Mayweather is gonna show up. Go during day shift on a Tuesday. You look like the man blowing a hundred ones, getting lap dances while empty plastic cups of $5 top shelf drinks and multiple plates of chicken and shrimp sit on the table. Plus, you’ll enjoy yourself more.

If you’re doing it for the women, understand that if a shorty is really for your campaign, she’s going to be obsessed with you whether you’re throwing money left and right or not. Being flashy only attracts sack chasers, those are problems you don’t want.

The cars, money, jewelry and all that are just enhancers of the man. You can be “racked up,” jump out of a Bugatti and still be called a cornball.

I’m truly convinced that guys would rather look good than enjoy themselves.

Stunt within your means. It’s levels to this game. There’s is absolutely nothing wrong with balling on a budget. Don’t let these folks fool you, there’s a lot of financing and finessing that goes on in their lives.

Living your truth will yield much better results than faking it until you make it.

Until next wave

-International Malcolm

The Friday Night Company. 2016. 

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