The Emptiness of Hoeing. 

Long, dark nights filled with alcohol, Future songs blasting at headache inducing levels and having meaningless sex get old real fast. 

Going out with you friends every night and catching action in every bar, club or kickback is really cool and fun for a while. A while. Then what?

Let’s backtrack first. 

At this post-college dating age being single is naturally a result of a breakup. Whether it was a year or two weeks ago, you were with someone, now you are not. 

Considering the aforementioned, there is  usually a three step process through healing post breakup. 

  1. Hurt and alcohol. 
  2. Procuring an obscene amount of money. 
  3. Smashing everything walking. 

What they don’t tell you is that after step #3, there is a barren wasteland of emptiness. A dry, emotional desert where occasional moments of affection roll by like tumbleweeds. 

You get into the habit of smashing women who you don’t really like in a long term manner, thus leaving oneself unfulfilled, without affection and lonely. 

You realize it when it’s late at night when you’re all tender and alone and your only options are to call a woman or six who you have no emotional connection with or vent to your homies. 

In reality, all you want is love and affection but you are searching for it through sex. One of My good friends’ most solid quotes is “Don’t put your heart in your parts.” Meaning, don’t go searching for love through sex. As a hoe you can’t express your feelings to everyone you hoe with because then you seem like a needy hoe. You have to control and combat those emotions ALONE! Sounds tough but it’s way harder than it sounds. 

You’re gonna have to sit in your room staring at the wall suppressing the urge to go out and drink and party in search of a hoe who maybe you’ll find companionship with.  Truth is she’s just a hoe too and you all are both broken emotionally looking for someone to fix you. Only you can fix you. 

Once you’re fixed then you can step out of your room and enter the world with the glow that only emotionally secure people have. You are what you attract. Once you’re emotionally secure then you’ll attract emotionally secure women. Neither of y’all are broken so the challenge of fixing one another doesn’t exist. 

Once that metamorphosis is complete and your money is right, the correct woman will come crashing into your life like Batman through a skylight. 

As I remind you, I remind myself. 

Until next wave. 

International Malcolm 

The Friday Night Company. 2016. 

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