Twitter Honey of the Week.

Growing up a rambunctious child chocked full of testosterone and wit, I found myself extremely attracted to women very early on. I would sneak a peek of every Victoria Secret catalogue and Ebony magazine I could get my hands on, but in 1998 my entire life changed.

While in the barbershop with my father I saw 6 or 7 men gawking over a small, maybe 6×9 magazine exclaiming “Man turn to page 43!” My father invited me over to take a look. He told this brothers “He’s at that age. It’s that time.” They welcomed me into the circle with pats on the back and head rubs  as if we were proceeding to take place in some sort of ritual. It was my right of passage, my first segue into adolescence.

There she stood protruding from the blue background wearing a pink swimsuit and flaunting cinnamon brown skin and sandy blonde hair.. the jet beauty of the week.

Jet Magazine has ceased print since 2014 thanks to the digital age, so I’ve decided to bring you all my own type of eye candy. I will have an interview with every seemingly difficult to reach, unattainable, number blocking, DM curving woman on YOUR timeline.  Be on the lookout for Malcolm’s Twitter Honey of the Week. ladies if you’re interested in submitting, email








Phoenix, AZ by way of Boston, MA and Atlanta, GA.


International Malcolm:

Hey fe.

Can I ask you a few questions, honey bun?


Yes ☺️

International Malcolm:

When did you realize that you were fine as fuck? What exact moment?


The exact moment I realized I was fine as fuck, was when I was on Edgewood with my dearest friends. I had on jeans, over the knee boots, my black wool hat, leather jacket and to top it off my Wu Tang Clan shirt. As I started to scroll the infamous strip I began to hear multiple men call out “aye Wu Tang, you looking good.” Etc… 😌😌

International Malcolm:


How can a man get close to you?


Buy me tickets to see Erykah Badu….lol jk but he can’t, I’m a very guarded person so I don’t let just anyone get too close to me.

International Malcolm:

Do you ever plan to go into modeling or anything like that? Or is that light for Twitter and personal enjoyment?


I never wanted to model I just really enjoy taking/having pictures taken of myself and sharing them with others. I’m in my prime and I admire everything about myself so why not flaunt?

International Malcolm:

That’s a great answer. What do you like to do in your spare time?


I like to cook, and shop. ☺️

International Malcolm:

Anything else you want the people to know?


Yes! Tell your fellow men to stop wasting my damn time. They see three or four pictures of me on social media and suddenly want to deal with me on a serious level. You don’t even know me!

International Malcolm: 

I hear that. I’ll relay the message. Always a pleasure fe.


Bye Malcolm. Be good.

International Malcolm: 

I’m always good.


From the West End with love,

International Malcolm

The Friday Night Company. 2016. 

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