Dear Cam Newton,

America tries to emasculate the greats. Murdered Malcolm, gave Cassius the shakes. “Rumble young man, rumble!” They try to dim your lights until you’re more humble.


Dear Cam Newton,

I know that you don’t get the credit you deserve and it’s a damn shame. I know that you defied the odds and had one of the greatest seasons in the history of the NFL as a Black Quarterback. I know you’re 1/6 Black Quarterbacks to make it to the Super Bowl. I know you get smacked around by linebackers and safeties every time you scramble without any hope for a personal foul or unsportsmanlike conduct call. If guys even thought about hitting Tom Brady the way that they hit you, they’d be ejected for “targeting.” I know that you’re one of very few athletes to live up to the hype, considering that you beat the “Heisman Curse” by not only winning your bowl game that 2011 season, but also becoming a shining success in the NFL.

You’re in-between a rock and a hard place and trust me, I understand. See last year during your ass-kicking crusade that most referred to as the regular season, you received a plethora of backlash and criticism for simply being yourself. “Cam needs to be more humble.” “Stop the dabbing.” One of the reasons that we, the Black delegation, love you so much is because not only were you defiant and jubilant in the face of hate and adversity, but you also met your critics with the BEST revenge,


Unfortunately, the love and rage of the black community share the same bed. Cam, niggas are mad at you, ooh wee. Not just normal mad either, but perturbed. The type of burning anger that is only a result of betrayal. Black superstars have committed much more heinous acts and been forgiven, but you committed the biggest sin of all. During a time of hyper racial tension, you didn’t side with us. That one hurt, Cam. We feel betrayed because we were there for you and defended you like you were one of our own, because you are. When you got kicked out of The University of Florida and they called you a computer thief who didn’t deserve a second chance, the Blacks were there. When the media called you spoiled, entitled, lazy and egotistical we defended you. When micro-aggressions and criticism from sports writers surfaced because they were so intimidated by you being BLACK AND GREAT, When they were audacious enough to compare YOU to Sam Braford and Blaine Gabbert, when they said you weren’t a first round pick, the blacks were there. When you led your team to win 15/16 games in a professional sport, lost the Super Bowl and white ass steroid abusing-wife beating Bill Romanowski called you a “boy” on the worlds largest social media platform, we tore his ass a new one until he deleted the tweet. When you won the National Championship and they continued to insinuate that you received money from the University to play, we defended you.

How the fuck are we supposed to feel when black bodies are laying in the street for absolutely nothing and you come along and say some shit like “We’re beyond race as a nation?” How? It’s like a slap in the face to us. In what world does Cameron “Black Superman” Newton from Campbellton Road turn his back on his people?

Last year you described yourself as “an African-American quarterback that may scare a lot of people because they haven’t seen nothing they can compare me to.”

Yet one year later we’re beyond race as a nation? C’mon dog.

I recognize that this may be a step in a different direction for you. You desire to be the face of the league and get the recognition and fairness that you deserve. What bothers me is that I think you’re willingly behaving this way. I heard about the public relations, peace advisor guy that the Panthers brought in. Dog, they didn’t hire him to protect you, but to protect the image of the organization.  The crazy thing is that, even if this newly found GOP sponsored behavior is a ploy to achieve equality and likability, you still may not get those things based solely on your skin color.

The truth of the matter is that particular white people who are affiliated with the powers that be want to use you as a scapegoat to avoid answering the tough questions.When challenged by blacks they can say “Well, look at Cam Newton. He believes that all lives matter…”  They want to pitt you against Colin Kaepernick for the sake of ratings and controversy. They couldn’t care less about the black community unless we suddenly stopped spewing out the world’s best athletes.

If things don’t work out with your new approach you can always come back. Black people are very forgiving. Black people have forgiven other talented people for much more heinous acts (R.KELLY) than yours. Once a nigga, always a nigga. But that L you take for selling out? You gotta hold that forever, playboy.

From the West End with Love,

International Malcolm. 

The Friday Night Company. 2016. 

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