Twitter is Ruining Our Relationships

I wrote this in the middle of the night on a weekday. My influx of thoughts is obviously a good thing. It means that I’m in alignment in some way, shape or form and I’m forever grateful for ideas streaming into my brain.

I think that Twitter is ruining our relationships, but you knew that already.

Hey guys, Happy Friday. I just had an epiphany.

So I’m dating this new, wonderful woman who isn’t too keen on social media, right? When we first started talking I stumbled upon her Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook to a total of about 1,500 followers between the major platforms. For the sake of comparison, let’s note that I have ten thousand followers spread across three Twitters on my own.

Guess what our very first real argument was about?

For those who don’t know me, I have a sort of in your face, tactically outspoken, aggressive-aggressive personality. I’m literally the same on and off of social media so things aren’t too different most of the time. I do and say what I want and I couldn’t care less about what motherfuckers think of me because I’m secure in myself.

I also have a tendency to talk shit and stunt, thanks to idolizing Muhammad Ali and growing up in the Ca$h Money Records era.

To make a long story short, word got back to her from a source that I had been parading her around like a trophy on my social media, which in turn made her feel like I was more into showing her than knowing her in addition to making her feel like an accessory to my reality show of a fucking life.

I then realized that I’m in too deep and doing way too much.

In that post argument, give-each-other-space silence of my own lonely ass bedroom I had a lot of time to think. After careful observation and a few glasses of white wine I realized a multitude of things. All the photos and screenshots I posted, what were they really for? My ego? Flexing on my exes? Pure infatuation and desire to display her to the entire world? A sickening combination of all three?

My mind was racing. Yeah, twitter is public information but who takes time to scroll my page and report back to the woman that I’m dating like some sort of news source?

That’s when I realized that literally nothing is sacred anymore.

Not only did I get caught up in posting things that are close to my heart, it also clicked that I can log onto social media and see literally anything.

ANY-THING. From a dick in a mouth of an alien to someone getting his or her head blown off. I saw a picture of the late, great Shawty Lo in his casket AND a timeline of jokes about it as well. Marriage, simple relationships, RAPE, family and even DEATH end up on someone’s website.

When I say Twitter is ruining relationships I just don’t mean romantically. I’m alluding to the alteration of human interaction.

The abundance of electronic connection is having a negative effect on legitimate, organic human connection. How often does someone see one of their followers out and tweets “You looked good at the party last night” instead of walking up and saying something? That’s weird as fuck.

I don’t particularly know if these issues have always existed and we’re just experiencing them now because we’re adults or if social media just brings everything to light.

Whether it be another couples PDA making one feel inadequate about their relationship, proverbially “keeping up with the Joneses,” or insecurity stemming from direct messages the fact of the matter is in this “Look at me,” post everything, I’m-better-than-you society traditional values and morals have all but fucking flown out of the window.

For the first time in years, I’m dealing with a woman who isn’t active on social media and I have to adjust my entire line of thinking to what it’s supposed to be.

Am I overreacting and just highlighting the negatives of being active on social media or are we all a bunch of ruthless, petty, desensitized motherfuckers? Is the Internet, a tool that’s a testament to our intelligence as a species and a monument to our advances in technology nothing but a display of our savagery?

As cliché as it is, I guess only time will tell.

Put your phone down and enjoy life today.

From the West End with Love,


-International Malcolm

The Friday Night Company, 2016.



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