The Spin Cycle.

Writing while inspired is some of the greatest stuff ever.

Firstly, let me apologize to the homies in advance, you brothers are going to be upset with me. I promise to write something for you all when I post again.

Good evening, everyone.

Thanks to my knowledge of human beings and all around expertise, I get a lot of requests for advice from friends and family. One of my best friends who shall remain anonymous is currently in a situation where his woman is threatening to leave, and he’s so exhausted that he could care less. In our most recent conversation the most prominent thing that he said was this:

“I do everything all the time anyway and she’s remarkably irresponsible. I shouldn’t have to keep up with an adult like a fucking child. If she leaves I’m going to get on my grind, get me a little shorty to throw in the “Spin Cycle” and bag something more solid when I’m up.”

What is the “Spin Cycle” you ask? I can’t wait to tell you.

The Spin Cycle is a colloquialism that I came up with a few years back to describe the games that we men play with women when we only want them for sex and minimal companionship.

Very minimal.

See, contrary to popular belief and despite what rappers say, as a man? Pussy is a necessity. The touch of a woman is not only addictive, but essential to life as a male. The most dangerous man in the world is a broke, hungry guy who isn’t getting any sex, for he is liable to do anything. A busted nut has saved many a life on this here planet earth. The issue is, when you’re trying to accomplish something, grinding or remarkably busy you don’t have the time nor energy to commit to obtaining and maintaining a woman.

There are then two options. Stay grinding and pay for reliable escorts and pornstars, (Which is expensive, might I add) OR hit a new honey or some old work with the spin cycle in order to get what you need.

This is how it works.

The basis of the spin cycle is deception and lies. Beautiful, amazing lies that look like a true concrete foundation to the woman, when in reality the footing is blocks of Styrofoam painted to look like bricks. PER MY EXPERIENCE, only about 20% of women are cool with the “Hey, I’m not looking for anything serious, I just want to fuck” Ideology.The other 80%? You have to hit them with that juice, ergo; this is what the spin cycle was created for.

The spin cycle is responsible for those 3-hour 2am conversations with your ex where he swears he’s going to do better. The spin cycle is the reason that new guy is so into you for a week and a half before he starts treating you like trash.

The idea is to show and tell enough for her to get comfortable, reel her in then string her along for whatever duration of time you choose.

Women are complex creatures and I truly believe that most, not all (because that would be sexist,) have the heart, brain and vagina connected. If you conquer the most powerful, the other two will fall in line. Emotional, Psychological and physical. The majority of the time it’s the mind which is most powerful, so you get in her head first. Once you’re in her dome you hit her with that grown-man-act-right-you-ain’t-going-nowhere dick to capture the fleshly and FINALLY after she’s invested, you play on those heartstrings like a violinist.

You’ve effectively captured another body, congratulations sir! Now comes the fun part. Of course, after intercourse you withdraw some and direct your focus back to whatever required it in the first place and what does she do?

One of three things:

  1. Starts acting crazy and demands more from you
  2. Leaves your sorry ass alone, as she should
  3. Be happy that she’s getting any attention and accepts the treatment.

Yes ladies, those #3 women exist. They’re the “pick me!” delegation.

Now as a man, you respond to these actions in a like-minded manner. Mind you, we aren’t talking about a healthy, committed relationship… but the spin cycle.

I’m going to run through these three scenarios backwards to induce anticipation.

If she’s comfortable with the little that she’s getting from you, continue to do your thing, but be careful because the complacent ones are dangerous. Those are the ones who start asking “What are we?” 6 months in opposed to the women who give a damn about themselves who are going to ask for clarification of the relationship and demand more from you after a month.

If she leaves you alone, good for her, she cares about herself more than #1 and #3. Keep an eye on her for a serious relationship in the future.

When she starts to demand more from you, in order to further perpetuate the spin, you pacify her with empty, superficial changes in your behavior and let her believe that she’s in control in order to achieve your goal. Then, when you start acting stupid again not only to keep her in suspended animation (which many women love and find excitement in, by the way) but because you don’t care, you can feed her more bullshit and appease her further, consequently creating a situation where she’s unknowingly being spun around over and over…

The Spin Cycle.

By the time she’s figured out what’s going on, it’s too late and you’re in the wind. I’m not saying it’s right, but it is what it is.

I’m giving ya’ll the game every chance I get.

From the West End with Love,


  • International Malcolm

The Friday Night Company, 2016.



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