The smart man hears, but the wise man listens.

No matter how good you liken yourself to be, when in the presence of proven greatness the best thing that you can do is shut the fuck up and soak up some game. I’ve been blessed with multiple opportunities to rub shoulders and speak to powerful men in depth. Whenever granted the chance I always ask a question that the affluent seem to love:

“Your first year being rich, what did it feel like?”

Before I can take out my phone to take notes or fully lock in and listen, the questioned fly into a barrage of dialogue, spilling experiences and ideologies faster than I can process them.

For this week’s second article, I’d like to share those occurrences with you all. A LIFE OF FRIDAY NIGHTS AND 4THEWINNERS PRESENTS:


“It’s like a deep sleep. It’s as if you’re in a daze. Things don’t feel real. You see and do shit that seemed impossible a few months ago. Floating. That’s the best way I can describe it, young man. Floating.”

  • T.I.


“Shawty that shit like a magic carpet ride. You can’t miss, you can’t lose, and every thing goes your way. Food tastes better, hoes fuck faster, blunts smoke longer! This coming from a fly nigga too! It wasn’t like I was a lame ass nigga before I got the bread, so the bread just amplified who I already am. I had been getting money, street money, GAS money, but when I got them REAL rap checks? I knew I had to work my wrist for as long as possible. (As he hits the blunt.)

  • 2 Chainz/ Hairweavekilla/ Daniel Son the Necklace Don/Tit/Deuce


“Imagine being the President of the United States to the group of people you interact with the most. You’re instantly promoted to the head of everything. People start to behave differently around you and you have to get used to it. You’ll even catch your homies wives giving you a once over. The shit is a trip. You’re in a position to help so many people all while you get to be a full time asshole. The best thing about having money is never having to worry about money”

  • Jessey Terrero


“You ever had a fye ass dream? I mean one of those dreams where you have the perfect car, you messing around with the perfect woman, you eating amazing food, and you wake up right before you about to do something awesome? It’s all of that, except you don’t wake up.”

  • Jazze Pha


“First year being rich. You want to know what it felt like? I’ll do you one better. Next month, I’m going to come back and ask you how it feels. Fair?”

  • My Mentor


Pharrell said, “Wealth is of the heart and the mind, not the pocket.” I agree that one can be wealthy in health, love, character, family and experiences but being financially free is truly a blessing. I heard from a millionaire that the only difference between a rich man and a poor man is how they spend their days. That most millionaires who didn’t inherit created some sort of revenue stream for themselves and people who work normal jobs are incapable of such not because they lack the talent, but the TIME.

The concept of TIME,  the nonlinear, relative form of life measurement  is the most valuable thing in the world and cannot be squandered. The first step to being financially free is freeing your time so you can figure out what the fuck you’re going to do to break away from the mold of this mundane, rat race society. Money is a byproduct of creativity and creativity is a byproduct of joy or focusing energy.

I’ll close with this, a quote from one of my favorite people.

“I never felt like less of a man until I had to go and ask another man for a job. I had been getting it on my own and creating my own money for so long that the concept was foreign to me. I vowed to never have to do that again. (As he touches his chains) And you see me now. ”

  • Tahir FRESH Ali.


And with that? I’m gone.


– Champ

The Friday Night Company/4THEWINNERS 2017.







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