Are All Women Whores?

If you opened this article expecting to read a thousand words of prose from a lame ass, bitter, heartbroken nigga who is oblivious to the art of navigating the realm of women—

You’ve come to the wrong place. 🙂

The other day I had a cigar and a snifter of marvelous French cognac with one of my OG’s. He’s a 45-year-old, Atlanta old-head. Salt and pepper fade with the beard, one gold necklace, Rolex watch, vintage GUCCI tracksuit, and sneakers.

I’d like to open this article with a statement from him.

In an accent thicker than the cigar smoke, he looked at me through wood Cartier frames and said—

“Young buck, women are whores in general. They trying to get a nut just like you, they just move better. Shit, everybody getting some pussy, ain’t they?”

Even though we both burst into laughter, my mind started racing. The information from the corners of my consciousness was populating faster than I could listen to it. Being the writer that I am, I instantly took out my phone and started drafting out a skeleton of notes that ultimately became this article.

Before we can truly examine his statement, let’s get into literal definitions. What exactly is a whore?

Thanks to the progression of the English language, “whore” has taken on a negative connotation in society. Informally, it’s a colloquialism for a loose, or dishonorable woman. Formally?

As defined by Wikipedia, one of my favorite avenues for late night reading, a whore is literally a prostitute, a person who exchanges sex for payment. Not money, but payment.

 This is where shit gets interesting.

One can receive payment in a multitude of ways. Payment can be emotional, financial, spiritual, or physical. Payment can translate to labor, security, or even simple reciprocity. The bottom line? Pussy is always exchanged for SOMETHING.

What a woman will exchange sex for is a matter of character and emotional security.

All women are whores, they just choose what or who they are whores for. The average wife or girlfriend is a whore for her man. A music groupie is a whore for musicians. Strippers and prostitutes are figuratively and literally, whores for money or a means to an end.

The aforementioned statement is a reality, but the complications arise when reputation gets involved.

There are rules to the game and only when either party breaks those rules, does the game turn on them. I got a slick mouth, so I’ll try and make this simple for you.

Truthfully, all women have a reputation. Whether her reputation leaks or not is based on her actions, relationships, and the types of niggas she chose to deal with.

Very often when a woman is fucking with the campaign (interested in a man) she’ll lie to herself, pull the wool over her own eyes and ignore dozens, if not hundreds of red flags. A woman will knowingly or unknowingly give that pussy up to a chatty ass lame under the futile guise of trust, and when something goes wrong, all of her business is in the street.

Tsk-tsk, such a shame. One of the first rules of the game is to keep your mouth shut.

Either way, women often get obliterated by derogatory terms is not because of what they do, but how they do it. By all means, a woman is entitled to do what she wants. We are all in our twenties, most of us went to college or navigated the streets, by all means shorty—live life! But understand that there is always a method to the madness, and there are always consequences for your actions.

My main gripe with women is accountability. You can’t be out here moving funny and then get upset when niggas call a spade a spade. You fucking niggas who know each other intimately, that’s on you. You lying to niggas about having sex with niggas that they know, that’s on you. You double-dealing and scheming behind the scenes, then trying to pin the blowback of your actions on misogyny and ashy niggas—there’s no honor in that. Be a big girl, own your shit.

I know I can be long-winded, so I’m about to segue into my conclusion shortly.

To be completely honest, we love nasty, fiery women. We know that they’ve learned from experience and that’s fine, as long as we don’t want to hear about it. No man wants to hear stories about his lady. Realistically, most niggas don’t like the cookie-cutter, “good girl” archetype. They’re boring and flat! Self-centered, sheltered women who don’t know how to act when the pressure is on. Women who can’t suck a dick to save their life! Women who will fold like origami when the pressure is on or panic when she sees your pistol. Look at how Ayesha Curry behaved when Steph got ejected in game 6 two years ago.

Human beings love the ideas of symmetry and duality. We love complex, multifaceted women. For example, I’m formerly impoverished black youth. A product of teenage parents from the inner city raised by a round-the-way-girl, her pimping uncles, a hustler, and his hustling ass friends. There’s a particular type of woman that I like, and she usually came from the same environment.

My mother taught me how to read, write and study. She also fought a woman at the bus stop, six months pregnant while wearing oversized hoops. She taught me the ways of honor, integrity, and reliability—right before she put on a tight black dress and ran around the city with her fast ass friends. You understand where I’m coming from?

A woman who’s been around the block but did it with tact is perfect.

In the future, your wife may be your lover, motivator, friend, confidant, partner and soul mate—but she’s also your personal whore.

And ain’t nothing wrong with that, the game is the game.

And why the crazy title? 12 cents a click, baby.


From the West End With Love—


The Friday Night Company/4TheWinners LLC. 2018+++++++



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