A Flyer Life.

Sometimes we get so caught up in the motions of life that we literally and figuratively forget to stop and smell the flowers. We only get one run at this game and we deserve to enjoy ourselves, so here is a list of ten things you can do to enhance the experience.


  1. Invest in Skincare.

The honeys love to talk about how we have better eyelashes and bone structure than they do, often throwing out comments about how men have beautiful features that we don’t even use. Touché, sweetheart. Gentlemen, Play off of that. Invest in a good exfoliator and facial mask to wear a few times every week to get that extra glow. Watching your skin progress is amazing character development in your narrative plus, the hairline and beard look crisper when your skin is free of flaws.


  1. Cop Quality Undergarments.

Often, some men take underwear for granted or think that spending a few extra dollars on designer items is waste of money.—this is false. Think in terms of quality over quantity. A 3 pack of $30 Ralph Lauren or Lacoste boxer briefs and tee shirts maintain color and quality ten times longer than Hanes. And they feel better. This is a no-brainer.


  1. Drink Good Water.

Stop drinking Dasani, bruh. That shit is packed full of trash fillers and illegal in like nine countries. Alkaline water is the way to go. I don’t know if it’s mental or circumstantial, but my entire quality of life improves when I’m drinking Puff’s Aqua Hydrate or Essentia morning, noon, and night. Maybe I’m dramatic.


  1. Pedicures

Women have been trying to keep us away from little Asian ladies because they want to keep the fly shit all to themselves. Go and get your feet massaged and get those nails taken care of. The experience is enthralling and based on location, I guarantee that you’ll pick up a honey or two based on the sauce alone.


  1. Exercise

 Many of us have demanding schedules, work manual labor, or are simply lazy and don’t want to put forth the effort. That is unacceptable. Make time to get a workout in. Whether it’s cardio, lifting, calisthenics, or even swimming—it’s beneficial in unimaginable ways. I’m a fat nigga and I run 3x a week and lift twice just so I can have enough cardio to drop dick off properly and throw hands if need be. If I can do it, so can you.

This leads me to my next point.


  1. Have Good Sex

In the fine words of a friend, “Sometimes you gotta look in the mirror and say to yourself—‘Damn, I need my dick sucked.’” Life is better when you don’t have all that pinned up aggression blocking up your core and too much jacking off is bad for your mojo. Get some sex– some wild, passionate, high-flying sex at least twice a week. It’ll change the entire flow of your day.


  1. Cut Down Your Roster

I know that players only live once, but dealing with too many women is draining in several ways and a waste of time. If you’re a high-value man who’s focused on your purpose, you really don’t have time to play with six and seven women. I suggest you keep the rotation between 3-5, and that’s me being generous. Realistically, I think being in a healthy relationship or dealing with no more than 3 women is perfect and just the right amount of entertaining.


  1. Spend Quality Time With Other Men

Having a family is awesome. Being in a relationship and having consistent feminine energy around is great, but you can’t have a conversation with your infant son about Dragonball Z and you can’t talk to your wife about the efficiency of the 4-3 Defense against the I-Formation. It is completely healthy and normal to spend time with other adult men who come from the same school of thought. True friends provide amazing perspective, will call you out on your bullshit, and refuse to let you fail. Please, go have a beer or shoot jumpers with your friends. Life is too short.



  1. Drink Liquor Straight, Learn Your Wines.

Cognac, whiskey, bourbon, whatever—take it neat, enjoy the taste. All that juice and liqueurs are a recipe for disaster after 25. Learn to dabble in a good glass of wine. Even though the ABV is significantly lower than that of Liquor, wine gets the job done faster, for less money, and without such a HEAVY feel. I love a good, medium bodied Red.


  1. Develop YOU

In order to succeed in this war that is life, one must know himself, therefore you must look inside. Meditate, pray, work on your spirit. Stick to your word. Try to look at the best in situations. Learn empathy so you can see things from another perspective. Learn your flaws and develop a sense of self-awareness so you can properly combat the darkness within.


That’s all I got. Ya’ll boys stay up and rise above all this madness.


Honorable Mention: Buy a Gold Chain.


I mean, are you really a black man without a chain?


Until next wave and from the We$t End with love,


Malcolm Jamaal “Champ” Heaggans.

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