Fuck Your Podcast

Disclaimer: to all my homies and homegirls with podcasts, this article isn’t about you–especially Kimble, Alden, Dante and them folks—ya’ll shit fye.

For the rest of you all, I got plenty to say.

In this day and age, social media has convinced everyone that they’re interesting. Droves of people are under the impression that because they took one cool Instagram photo that they’re qualified to be a photographer, or because one joke went viral on Twitter, they’re bound to be the next Katt Williams.

The game doesn’t work like that.

I do not doubt that there’s an incredible pool of talent on social media, nor am I saying that there aren’t a bunch of cool podcasts out there. What I am saying is that everyone doesn’t need a makeshift fucking radio show.

Every other week there’s another group of people, with asinine ass opinions, convinced that the world needs to hear what they have to say. No fan base, no prior backing or experience, just a mic, and repetitive twitter topics.

Everything has a formula, and the way that several are going about it is not it.

What sets you apart from the other twenty people on the timeline with a podcast? What’s your post frequency? Who are your influences? What’s your demographic? What are your prime posting hours? Have you monetized? Is there a producer in the room to keep the topics flowing? What’s the end goal?

Or did you say fuck that? You just want to sit around and record a conversation with friends because you think that other people would like it. Right.

I hate to use this phrase or be that fucking guy, but it’s a shame that some members of our generation are so concerned with clout and recognition that they don’t focus on the work. It’s evident that people want that dopamine hit and the illusion of success more than actual achievement.

It’s obvious that people haven’t studied the greats, because if they did it would show in the work. In my mind, I would think about it in so many different ways. How can I apply The Breakfast Club business model to my podcast? What would Petey Greene talk about on a podcast? Or Richard Pryor! How can I stir the masses and draw them in to teach a lesson? What’s a new, innovative way to talk sports?

As content creators, we have a responsibility to deliver a quality product to the masses. Being a creative is a thankless, strenuous job until you blow the fuck up. There is no easy road with this shit. Kid Fury and Shorty were on Twitter cracking jokes and put in years of work before they blew. Even Brother Nature and JayVersace logged thousands of hours of work before they made it.

This ain’t a microwavable business. Be dope, create fly shit, or get the fuck out the way. You’re saturating the market for those who really care.

From the We$t End With Love,




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