Hot Pocket

Sometime back in 2015, my girlfriend Chunky and I took a break from one another. She obviously wanted to go and hoe, which was understandable and I was prematurely invested. I let her go and of course after less than a week in the jungle, she wanted to come back around. Inherently, being the asshole that […]

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Listen. I understand that you’ve been on Facetime until your arm goes numb with this person. I understand that the two of you have been talking into the wee-hours of the morning and fighting over who’s going to hang up first every night for the last month. I know that this person seems different than […]

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How to Close at Home.

DISCLAIMER: YOU ARE NEVER ENTITLED TO SEX. This article is the sequel to FIRST DATE WINNER. Dating is just like basketball and home ownership. The most difficult part of the entire process is closing. JANUARY 2017. You just had a spectacular date with a stunning woman. The energy and ambiance were wonderful, you two ended […]

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First Date Winner

Happy New Year. Dating is a crapshoot, baby. By the end of the night you could be blocked, reported, left on read, or waist deep in the yams thinking about baby names. It all depends on the energy and how well you play your cards. You never get a second chance to make a first […]

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